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The Story So Far

Flashback: November 1833. The sailing ship Arctica lies crushed by the ice. A dismayed crew, using lifeboats as sledges, begins a doomed trek into the vast wasteland of the Canadian Arctic.

Fast-forward to today. The bleak landscape is the same. But now it is the modern workboat Lady Jane that's locked in the ice. During the summer, the Lady Jane was headquarters for anthropologists investigating the fate of the Arctica's crew. But now, as a winter storm rages, it holds only two people: CLAUDIA, the great-great-great-granddaughter of the Arctica's captain, and you.

After 170 years of silence broken only by rumors of cannibalism and madness, Claudia is determined to learn exactly what happened to the Torvey family expedition. Although you are forbidden by WILLIAM, the ship's caretaker, to open the expedition's crates in his absence, you read some incoming faxes, and thus discover another terrible mystery from the past.

A diary written by young Perdita Torvey in 1833 describes how three people were tragically crushed by ice. But it only hints at what happened to four others, including her mother. As our story resumes, you and Claudia are trying to determine exactly what caused the deaths of the "Four Without Graves," when suddenly your discussions are interrupted.

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