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Thank you for participating in Arctica, one of a number of Access Excellence science mysteries. We hope they inspire high school students and the world at large to develop the skills needed to solve mysteries -- not on paper, but in the infinite variety of real life mysteries waiting just outside the classroom door.

Please tell us your reactions and comments regarding the mystery.

Written by Ken Eklund
Illustrated by Chet Phillips
Produced by Kim Obbink and Genentech
Web Production by Jody Brooks
Web Update 2004 by Ken Eklund
Access Excellence Liaison is VivianLee Ward
Genentech Liaison is Geoff Teeter

First Edition sponsored by Genentech
Second Edition sponsored by the National Health Museum

Special thanks to:
Addenda writers:
Owen Beattie
Donald Goldsmith
Larry Newitt
Christopher J. Rutty
Anbesaw Selassie
David B. Thomas
Technical Advisors:
Yuri Khripine
Irina Nazarenko
Mel Eklund
Philip Eklund
William S. Maley
Kathy Liu
Carolyn Csongradi
Matthew Eklund
Dustin Crowe

Interactive writer Ken Eklund, writerguy, works out of his turn-of-the-century Victorian house/office in San José, California. When he's not writing science mysteries, he's helping script web sites for companies or scripting computer games.

Artist Chet Phillips has his studio in Dallas, Texas. Chet divides his time as a freelance artist between showing his digital art in galleries and working for commercial clients.

When not producing mysteries, Kim Obbink is Executive Director of the Burns Telecom Center and Co-Director of the National Teachers Enhancement Network. Kim's expertise is in distance learning projects, especially those delivered via the Internet.

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An Access Excellence Science Mystery sponsored by Genentech, Inc.
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