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Need Help?

Having trouble? Below are some suggestions for common problems you might encounter during the mystery.


  • The "Go" menu
    If you get lost while reviewing clues, you can always click on the "go" or "history" menu at the top of your browser window. This will show you a list of where you've been. Drag down and release on the page you want to revisit.

  • The "Continue" footsteps
    Usually a page has some footsteps at the bottom. When you have finished with the page, click the right-hand footsteps (labeled "CONTINUE") to go to the next page in the story. Make sure you have clicked all the "Clue" links on the page before you continue.

  • The "Back" button
    A good way to avoid getting lost is to use your "back" button (often it's the left-pointing arrow at the top of your browser). The "Back" button will return you to the page you were looking at just before you came to this one. You may have to go back more than once. Using the left-hand footprints, also marked "Back," will take you to the previous page in the story.

  • Links to dictionary terms
    Clicking on a hyper-linked term like "antimony" should link you to the dictionary for the episode you are in. It should also put the dictionary entry you are interested in at the top of the page. However, in some cases you'll need to look down the page to find the entry you want.

  • No footsteps
    If you come to a page that does not have the "footsteps" icon at the bottom, it is not an accident. These are pages where it is important to choose a link elsewhere in the page: to choose a solution or review a clue, for example.

Bookmarking your place

Arctica is a three-part mystery, and you may want to stop reading in the middle and return to it later. The best way is to create a "bookmark" with your browser - your browser's help menu can teach you how to do that. If you stop at a "what is the mystery solution?" page, you can use the "continue" links on Arctica's home page to return to the story. These links will recount what has happened so far in the story and allow you to review the clues leading up to that point.


Use your browser's BACK button
to return to the story.

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