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The Story So Far

Scene: the vast icy wasteland of the Canadian Arctic. A storm rages. Focus on a black speck: a ship locked into the ice. Swoop down past the bow bearing the name Lady Jane, past rails draped with icicles, and look through a window hazy with ice. Three people move about a table in a cabin stacked high with crates. They are: CLAUDIA, a visitor from England; WILLIAM, the ship's winter caretaker; and you.

During the summer, the ship had been used by anthropologists who were investigating the remains of British explorers frozen into the ice in 1834. Claudia is the great-great-great-granddaughter of that expedition's captain. After 170 years of silence, she's determined to know what happened to the Torvey family expedition.

On the table are journal pages, supply logs and five photographs of explorers who had been buried in the ice. The question in the air: was there a single contributing cause for the deaths of these five Arctica crewmen, and if so, what was it?

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