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What Happened?

"Let's go over it again," you say an hour later.

"Yes, let's," Claudia says. "Something extraordinary killed the Four Without Graves. The anthropologists didn't find their bodies..."

" sounds like they were burned," you note.

"But they did find three other bodies -- the people in the quarantine tent who were crushed when the ice swept ashore."

"Uh -- right," you say.

"And we have test reports on their tissues, bone and hair samples. So poisoning is definitely a suspect."

"Yes," you say.

"In the camp dump, there was possible evidence of antimony or lead poisoning. And also botulism."

"And then there's disease. We talked about smallpox, and that brings up cowpox. And pneumonic plague seems like a possibility."

"And the test report brings up something else..."

You're interrupted by another fax beep.

"More of Perdita's diary!" Claudia exclaims. But it isn't.


An Access Excellence Science Mystery sponsored by Genentech, Inc.
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