In Jasper National Park, Alberta.
It is jaw-droppingly beautiful here

Listen man, this car is

Incredible, eh?
It's 80 degrees F

Yes. It's final.
We're first in Class 1! Scores

DAY 9: Beautiful.    
First stage

Turns out
we got
best score.
(at breakfast) Got the official word about yesterday's first stage.... turns out we got the best score in the rally on that section. We managed to get back on time before the next checkpoint. Whooooo-hooo! (does happy dance)Okay, so now we're sitting at the start of the last competitive stage of the rally. It's Thursday morning, we're in Grand Cache, Alberta, the sun is shining, it's a beautiful day. We are psyched. We are ready. Here we go...Okay gang, it's over. It was a clean run, one of our cleanest ever. Larry was right on with the course and speed inputs, I was right there with the route instructions and R.Dale nailed the driving. A tricky stage, with many speed changes and casts (speeds) that ranged from 4 to 60 mph. We're zooming down the highway into Jasper, and we just know we're first in Class 1.
(later) Still heading south into Jasper. The hills around us are rising into mountains, spectacular ones. That dramatic tension which has propelled us day in and day out for nine days and 5000 miles is giving way to euphoria. No need any more to get down the road - we enter the park and stop often to enjoy the views and wildlife. (later) Okay, the awards banquet. Jerry Hines, rally chairman, runs down the media coverage of the 2002 Alcan, and it's pretty impressive: web stories in the Lifestyles section of, with a print article to follow; a piece for NPR's "Savvy Traveler" filed by radio host Patricia Murphy of Seattle; a video documentary feature (an hour long, probably) on SpeedVision, to be released in December; this website.Then, the results: for motorcycles, Don Beck/Craig Johnson win first in Class IV, and Chris Witzgall wins first in Class III. For vehicles, Rob Dunn and Nick Marcuse come from behind and win the SOP class; the Team Atlantic Subaru Outback Wagon, driven by Gary Webb, Rich Mooers and John Kiesla, take first in Class II and first overall; and we win first in Class I. But everyone who finished wins a Mackenzie Award, and walks away with new friends and a treasure of rich memories.
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