The rally gave a special commendation to
Skip Faulkner, Bike #20.
Skip first came up with the original workable idea of how to open the rally to motorcycles.
Tumu Rocks: Motorcyclist Tumu Rock won the rally's perpetual Go Farther award, hands down. Leading the cycle pack in the early going, Tumu had mechanical problems (an understatement). He rented a car to get a new rear wheel (200 miles away), and managed to find a local guy who owned a similar Kawasaki. The guy let Tumu take what he needed off the bike to continue. Tumu is holding a bottle of champagne, which in the best rally tradition he sprayed over the crowd, shorting out the microphone

Team Atlantic receives the award for first in Class II and first overall from rally chair Jerry Hines. The art photo from Yellowknifeshows a beautiful native-built rock cairn (pre-Andy Goldsworthy). Team leader Gary Webb got serious for a moment and reminded us all that the real prize from the event was camaraderie and memories - and all competitors get to take them home. Team Atlantic is John Kiesla, Gary Webb, and Rich Mooers

DAY 9, cont'd: Laughter and Tears At The Awards Banquet

Mackenzie Awards
for all
the finishers

Jamie, the motorcycle sweep guy, wondered which were better: motorcycles or cars. He recited some illuminating statistics from the rally. When he came to "Percentage of cars finishing the rally: 86%. Percentage of motorcycles finishing the rally: 100%" a huge roar of approval rocked the banquet hall

Team Jaeger reprised their signature "ole-ole-ole" song by request. The rookies first talked about doing the Alcan back in 1990, when they were all buddies in Buffalo. They led the SOP class in the late going, but lost their lead on the last day. If lively bar behavior took off penalty points, they would be leading overall. Team Jaeger is Jim Randles, Bill Shaflucas, and Dan Killian