Here's the skinny on the Alcan 5000 Rally.    

People most often ask
why these teams
come to the Northwest
and drive like hell
(and sometimes through it)
for nine days.
What's the attraction?

The answer is
if you don't know
we can't really
explain it to you

It's NOT a speed event like the Paris-Dakar Rally-Raid. It's a tour rally. You drive briskly and precisely, not all-out. (To learn more about tour rallies, go to our What is a rally? page)
It's held every two years, alternating as a winter or summer event. The 2002 Rally is the fifteenth; the first one was in 1984.

The Challenge Driving Subaru won the 2000 Alcan, edging out a factory-sponsored Isuzu at the very last moment. (You can read the Challenge Driving daily reports by Paul Eklund at his Primitive Racing website.)

The route is approximately 5,000 miles long, through Alaska and western Canada (hence the name). "Alcan" is also the nickname for the Alaska-Canada highway, which usually features into the route. You can learn more at the Alcan 5000 official website.

Alcan competitors drive pretty much anything with four wheels, although AWD cars and SUVs are most common. (This year's Style award must go to the Need 4 Speed team and their 1954 Mercury Monterey.)

Motorcycles will also compete in the 2002 event! Ten riders are signed up so far.

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