It's after midnight in Quesnel.
Having troubles getting online.
R.Dale and Larry during a TSD stage. They constantly recalibrate and refine the inputs in search of that "perfect zero" checkpoint time.
Yes - in our class (Class I).
We are in second place overall.

Trouble with
the rally computer.


DAY 1, cont'd: ...but there's trouble in Paradise

Here's a typical scene: we're waiting to begin a stage. What you can't see is, lined up behind us are 15 other rally cars and eight motorcycles, plus assorted rally vehicles and press vehicles. Ahead of us, checkpoint crews are skulking in the shrubbery
"You rebooted it?
You rebooted the
rally computer?
Why on
did you do that?"

"I didn't do it.
It rebooted itself."
So when you are in Class I as we are (Class I is cars with "as much computer as you want") everything hinges on the GIGO principle ("garbage in, garbage out"). You spend all your effort to get exact info into the computer, so that it will calculate exactly what you need to do right now to get where you need to be when you should be there. If suddenly you hear the computer play its happy little reboot music, that is very very very bad. But that's exactly what we heard on our first transit, and then again on our first TSD stage, and then again on our second TSD stage, and... Well, now it's become a familiar little tune, unfortunately.
I gotta hand it to these guys - they really handled it well. R.Dale pressed on regardless in seat-of-pants mode while Larry, that monumental wall of zen, diagnosed the damage, recovered the data and re-input it. I wasn't much help in the back seat the first time it happened, but I quickly learned to fill in for Larry and keep R.Dale confident in the course while Larry repairs the damage.On the first competitive stage, after some mad scrambling we recovered completely, and got a raw score of only 6 - best in the rally. On the second TSD, however, the computer dumped right before a series of controls, and we took some damage.

However, the unofficial scores I have right now show us first in class (Class I) with 27, ahead of Pete Soper / Dave Dennison in their Subaru WRX Wagon with 43 points and the Douthit / Ligot /Murphy Subaru Legacy Wagon with 56. In Class II (SUVs and trucks with unlimited computers), the Webb / Mooers / Kiesla Subaru Outback leads the rally with 8 points. Subarus in the top four positions... ya gotta love that.More tomorrow... pretty tired, gotta sleep.

p.s. Thanks SubieGal and the rest of you for the fan email!

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