Not us.
We did meet a nice Mountie, though.

No problems 'tall.

Some rain today.
Greg and Judy Misbach, current SOP-class leaders,
exhilarated at the end of today's third TSD.

DAY 2: Deer and Cows and Bears, Oh My!  

"The Barracks up and down
this whole region have
been receiving reports of
cars with
rally insignia

speeding on the highways.
Cars just like yours."

-Canadian Police Officer
Three TSDs today, all of them wildly different.The first one, called "11% Grade," featured a lot of twisting uphill then down on slippery gravel roads. R.Dale had to put his foot into it to keep up the brisk target speed, which made it tough for Larry to input the course corrections. Imagine trying to use your calculator in a car power-skidding down a corkscrewing gravel toboggan run...The second one featured a 12-mph section, challenging us in a different way. It can be hard to drive 12 mph for a distance.The third TSD had us following dirt-gravel logging roads at a brisk pace. Very popular with the closet

pro-rally crowd, as was the 12-mile transit out along a narrow, twisty ridge-running road.We think we did pretty well. The computer didn't cut out at all during the second section (it waited until about a half-mile after) - our first TSD stage without a sudden reboot.

They are lovely, dark and deep.
Watching woods pass by at freeway speeds

Obstacles on the TSDs today: one pickup truck, five deer, several cows, a dog. A beautiful view of Fraser Lake. "Only" about 550 miles traveled today - a short day. Bee Gees on the CD player - sign of a happy driver and happy crew. We got two separate lessons from BC gas station operators - we southerners clearly have no idea how to wash windshields correctly. A sad moment as some of the rally teams split off from the pack - they are taking the alternate route to Skagway, via the Alaska Marine Highway, aboard the ferry M/V Kennecott. Most of the rally women opted for this route. We miss them already.
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