Car 8, back to New York State via Ohio.
Cheers, Bill and Jim and Dan read their blog

Car 0 and Car 4, back to Seattle. more
Catch you later, Eric, Steve, Rob, and Nick

Car 11, back up to Yellowknife.
Bye, Mark and Bob and Kelley

Car 6, down to Redlands CA.
Bon Voyage, Greg and Judy their story
Wanna see results? Check out the

Special thanks to my bro Paul,
who got me into this mess.
Paul is a pro-rally driver and
sells skid plates and performance
stuff for Subarus

Rally Links:

Alcan Rally

Sandman's Rally Pages

Patricia Murphy's
audio report for KUOW
(Real Player - 25 min)

Paul Eklund's daily reports
from the 2000 Alcan

DAY 10: The Road Home Man, we had fun at the bar last night (or so I vaguely remember). But this morning people seem short-tempered as they pack up bags, scrape decals off windows, and contemplate the long road home. Reality is returning. A bunch of us meet for lunch at Lake Louise, farther south in the park. But our paths diverge here. So goodbye, new friends, goodbye, good friends, goodbye, goodbye.

Getting back
into civilization.

Cell phones
beginning to ring.
Look out gang,
here comes
the real world

Patricia Murphy of KUOW filed radio reports - including one for NPR's Savvy Traveler. Read her full news report here.

We hope to have some good airtime when Toolbox's SpeedVision special comes out at year end. Toolbox put a little camera in our car for two days. And we kept the tape rolling through thick and thin - unlike the team that ripped the microphone off the camera during a "friendly" in-car disagreement - or the team who completely erased the camera's tape after a less-than-perfect run
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