"We are here as tourists," Mauro told us. He's here from Argentina, his co-driver is from Italy. I think these "tourists" have run the Paris-Dakar

In a word,

Eager to
start the rally.

DAY 0: The Rally Tribes Assemble.  
Rallyists rarely
agree completely
but all the
car rallyists
seem to concur
that the
motorcycle guys
are totally nuts.
It's one thing to launch yourself onto a 5000-mile road trip in a truck or a Jeep or behind the wheel of a snazzy new Subaru or Volvo. To do it on a motorcycle - especially solo - well, that just seems beyond the pale.But the 2002 Alcan has seven motorcycle teams entered. It's the first time they've had a motorcycle class in the legendary tour rally. Man, we wish those guys a lot of luck and stamina.

Sixteen car teams are in the race. Subarus appear to be the make of choice... six teams in all, I think, including us... but Volvo has a strong showing too, with the company fielding three of their new AWD wagons. I didn't see the Mini Cooper, but I hope it will start the rally. I heard that the mother-daughter team in the 1954 Mercury Monterey (a Carrera veteran) won't start the rally, as the car is still in pieces, but they vow to catch up with us in Quesnel. That's the "press on regardless" spirit!

Humorous moment of the day: coming back on the freeway from the odo check leg, we hear a friendly honk. Who should it be but Jamie the Subie Gal in her fine black rally unit! She smiles and waves, we smile and wave, and wave and smile - and completely miss our exit. Tomorrow we'll have to focus a little more on the route book, eh gentlemen?
Adriana and Kevin, two cool kids I met on the plane
First day for the Toolbox video crew, shooting for a Speed Vision special Go to