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The Towers at Alma Bowl
The community reviews the architecture
by Miles Aroundt
June 2004

Project pre-meeting:
A pre-meeting was held on March 10, in conjunction with the Washington Area Community Coalition meeting. The Deputy Director of City Planning was in attendance, and spoke about the process. A representative of the architectural firm spoke on general designs for mid-rise residential structures. He presented four lines of design thought: Italian Renaissance, Chicago Style, International (Modern) and Post-Modern.

Members of the Coalition and of Washington neighborhoods gave feedback, which generally favored traditional, ornamented design styles such as Italian Renaissance over austere modern styles. Several people cited the vintage heritage of the surrounding neighborhoods. Many emphasized the imperative to be pedestrian-friendly and transit-oriented, and suggested placing the building's main entrance on the north side, facing (and encouraging pedestrian use of) the light-rail station, community parks, trails and the Willow Street Business District.

Members also noted that the process needed improvement, and recommended that City Planning notify users of the Tamien Light Rail station and help neighborhoods notify their concerned citizens about meetings well in advance. City Planning agreed to these measures.

First Community Meeting
The first community meeting was held on March 25, at 6:30 pm, at the Alma Senior Center on Alma Avenue. Generally speaking, the community re-emphasized the issues described above.

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