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What The NWGNA
Has Gotten Done So Far
by Ken Eklund
March 2004

Here are some of the neighborhood's accomplishments:

  • Participates in the Greater Gardner Strong Neighborhoods Coalition, bringing SNI benefits to the area.

  • Helps the Greater Gardner SNI Coalition with the design and funding of Fuller Park.

  • Launched the monthly Neighborhood Service Day to encourage volunteer projects that beautify the neighborhood.

  • Won a 2003 Elizabeth Anabo "Building Resourceful Inspirational Creative Community" Award from Community Foundation Silicon Valley.

  • Helped lead the effort to unite area neighborhoods in opposition to high-rise development at Alma Bowl.

  • Represents the neighborhood position in city land use decisions affecting infill development, zoning and planning.

  • Launched a neighborhood-wide celebration and social event on the Fourth of July.

  • Launched a neighborhood-wide garage sale and social event.

  • Created and helped design the public park at Bird and Fisk Avenues (Hummingbird Park).

  • Installed public garbage cans along prominent foot traffic paths (to cut down on litter).

  • Monitors traffic problems, and facilitated the design and implementation of traffic calming measures on Delmas and Hull.

  • Increases city attention to open spaces.

  • Increases the efficacy of code enforcement, when needed.

  • Improves lines of communication between state and city agencies.

  • Changes city policies that are not neighborhood friendly.

  • Initiated and helped create city code concerning Conservation Zoning.

Individuals within the association have contributed countless hours to eliminating graffiti, picking up litter, planting and maintaining park-way trees, creating a mostly-monthly flier, and creating and maintaining a web site and newsletter. This neighborhood would simply not be the same without their efforts.

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