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Fuller Park
Grand Opening May 6!
by Gotta Fuller-Life
May 2006

Yuri says:
"I love the new park!"

Kevin Christman, chair of the Greater Gardner Neighborhood Action Council (NAC), was emcee.

Dan Erceg, celebrated volunteer, was the community representative and advocate for Fuller Avenue Park.

Mayor Ron Gonzales was on hand, as was Councilmember Ken Yeager, Vice Mayor Cindy Chavez, and other City officials from Redevelopment and Parks.

Don Gagliardi of the Northside neighborhood created a wandering Bocce Cup. The inexperienced Greater
Gardner team fell to the Northside veterans by a score of -- oh, you don't really want to know. But just wait 'til
next year! Home team (green shirts) from l to r: Dan Erceg, Kevin Christman. Ed Rast, Mark Bracewell.

Neighbors came out in force to enjoy the linear park's green expanses.

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