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NWGNA Meeting, 10/05
"Passing the Baton "

by Dana Rysavy, Secretary
October 2005

North Willow Glen Neighborhood Association
General Membership meeting October 25, 2005

Call to Order- Ken Eklund, NWGNA president   7:05 pm

First time  – Eleanor Weber Dickman – San Jose Public Library.
One year covering North Willow Glen -- applause for Alicia Upano from WG Resident

Nominations    No new nominations – Nominations closed

Quick announcement: Washington Community Haunted House
Saturday Oct 29, 6-9:00 at Washington Elementary School $2.00 535-6261.  Food, games, music, arts & crafts, pumpkin patch…

Merry Christmas – Holiday yard Tree Drive – Karen Kreshel
Trees will be available for Dec. 3rd – 408-293-5475      

Police Report – Officer Mizorski & Sergeant Vallecllia

  • Incident at 87/Virginia light rail station took place last month
  • Larger problem with transients in neighborhood.  Burglaries happen when cars, doors and windows left unlocked. Lock your house and car. 

Association Elections
Candidate statements prior to voting:
Harvey Darnell – Nominated for President.  Made brief statement

Eleanor Weber Dickman – San Jose Public Library Foundation

  • Willow Glen branch scheduled for completion in 2008.  The challenge will be the small space and some historic preservation.
  • Three new/upgraded libraries opened this  year – Tulley, Berryessa, and Alum Rock
  • They are operating under a new philosophy – they have an internet café, children’s area, living room concept room, quiet study area.  The new libraries want to be a community destination with education resources.
  • Action:  Tell others about the library. Tell Eleanor if there are any business leaders who would be interested;  If interested, make a donation to the library
Election Results. Congratulations to our new Board of Directors:
    • President  -Harvey Darnell
    • Vice President - Clark Williams
    • Secretary / Treasurer - Chuck and Stephanie Hudson
    • Directors
      • Heidi Le Vell
      • Annette Boyer
      • Tom Smith
      • Chris Wagner
      • Marci Hildt
    • As Past President, Ken Eklund continues as Director

Quick updates:  Good news from the NAC

    • Spencer Avenue – Completion March 2006
    • Delmas Vintage streetlights – completion December 2005
    • Fuller Park – Underway – completion February 2006
    • Starbrite – Smokehouse façade improvement design underway
    • Bird Avenue traffic calming – talks beginning again
    • NAC looking for nominations.  Contact Kevin if you’re interested.  Meetings held 4th Monday of the month.

More quick updates

    • 31 Our City Forest street trees planted October 15th – THANKS!
    • Action:  Recruit treeless neighbors for our Spring ‘ 06 planting – call 537-0393
    • Liquor license application at Smokehouse – don’t know much about this, will find out  
    • United neighbor Sat. Dec. 12.  – 4 sessions on planning and land use, one session on code enforcement, session on business policy, ethics
    • Nov. 15 – gas station liquor license debate at city hall.
    • Dan Erceg received the Mayor’s Award for Volunteerism  

Thanks to exiting board members - Clark Williams had very kind words of appreciation. 

Meeting Adjourned at 8:30 pm


Web site updated to include a TAKE ACTION link.  Check it out at 

Connect with neighbors – join the NWGNA e-group at

That's all, folks!

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