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NWGNA Meeting:
Scofflaws, Tree Huggers, Directors
by Tom Smith
August 26, 2003

North Willow Glen Neighborhood Association
Word of Faith Church
7 – 9 pm

Call to Order: 7:05 pm, Alison England, President

1. Introductions and Welcome — Alison England.

2. Public Safety Update — Officer Pete

There has been increased tension and escalating violence between gangs. There was a fight on Jerome Avenue on Sunday, August 24th and another fight on Virginia Avenue between a neighbor and a passing gang member.

Officers have been giving speeding tickets on Bird Avenue. They reported they have issued 87 citations in one shift! At a minimum of 15 mph over the limit!

Operation Safe Passage has begun near schools. There is no tolerance for speeding in a school zone the first three weeks of the school year.

Thanks to the SJPD for ensuring that the 4th of July was a safe, successful event.

3. Our City Forest — Steve Mitchell

Steve is an Urban Forester with Our City forest, a local SJ non-profit organization. The goal of the organization is to plant trees in San Jose where the neighborhoods are active. Our City forest will provide the trees and the expertise to plant a city tree on your park strip, which is city land. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain the tree.

OCF will conduct a site visit to see if trees can fit. A list of large shade canopy trees (those trees over 30’) was handed out. There is an application to fill out where you can specify the type of tree species you desire. The City Arborist will then issue you a permit. This is typically a four week process. You must be there the day of the planting and assist in the tree installation process if you are able-bodied.

If renting please obtain landlord permission before planting a tree.

Please call the following number if you need to contact the City Arborist: 408-277-2762.

4. Atlanta and Bird Gateway fence project — Marc Bauman and Dan Erceg

Dan and Marc proposed two designs for the Atlanta and Bird Avenue Gateway project. The new fence will aesthetically connect the existing Fuller Avenue fence with the new fence at Hummingbird Park. There is sufficient grant money to complete the project. The cost is assumed to be approximately $1,200 and the residents will supply the project labor.

One option was to install the simpler Fuller Avenue fence with less posts than the Hummingbird fence. The other option is to install the Hummingbird Park fence with more posts. The group decided to build the Hummingbird type of fence with more posts.

Drought resistant plants, such as red geraniums, will be planted to tie in with the color spot at Hummingbird Park.

The target dates for the fence installation are: the last Saturday in September and the first Saturday in October.

We will solicit volunteers at the September meeting. Marc will price the final bill of materials.

5. The Yellow Cab Site — Alison England

The Yellow Cab company expects to vacate the existing Bird and Virginia avenue site mid-December, 2003.

6. Elections — Alison England

NWGNA elections will be held at the September meeting. Please attend and post for these positions.

The board met and agreed to align the board and officer positions with the needs of the neighborhood. The following position changes were made:

President — no change
Vice President — no change
Secretary/Treasurer — no change
City Liaison becomes Director (or Past President)
(a director = project or committee chairperson)
Community Liaison becomes Director
Member at Large becomes Director
Member at Large becomes Director

Should a sitting president resign or be unsuccessful in seeking re-election to another term, the current president can become the Past President, a voting position on the board. Should the president be successfully re-elected, then there will be four directors; if unsuccessful, then there will be three director and the Past President.

7. Traffic Calming — Ken Eklund, Traffic Calming Wizard

The temporary rubber traffic signs will be replaced with more permanent signs. The City is replacing the signs in five neighborhoods and the signs will be replaced mid to late September. New plantings will be completed in October.

8. Tamien Place Update — Harvey Darnell

Harvey explained that the City’s response to the Tamien Place negative declaration will be available this Friday.

The Washington/Willow Glen Community Coalition met with Congresswoman Cindy Chavez to register opposition to the current Tamien Plan. Please go to: for updates regarding the Tamien plan.

Important dates: September 10th — Public review of project by the Planning Commission

September 11th — Randal O’Toole, author, and Laurel Prevetti will debate
the concept of ‘smart growth" in San Jose. Please call 279-1775 for information.

September 17th — Ken Yeager to appear at the United Neighborhoods meeting to discuss high density housing, 6:30 pm.

September 30th — the City Council will vote on the Tamien Plan.

9. Founder’s Day — Dan Erceg

There will be no Founder’s Day this year. Instead there will be home tours of six Palm Haven homes to raise a total of $135K for the refurbishment of the Palm Haven gateway columns.

This event will occur Septmber 6th. There will be vintage cars on exhibit–our very own Dan Erceg will be in charge of the exhibit! Tickets are $25/each. NWGNA may host an information table.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:55 pm

That's all, folks!

Copyright 2003