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NWGNA Meeting, 7/05
"Wildlife "

by Dana Rysavy, Secretary-Treasurer
July 2005

North Willow Glen Neighborhood Association
Word of Faith Church
July 26, 2005
7 – 8 pm



1. NO AUGUST MEETING – Convening again in September

2. Call to Order- Ken Eklund, NWGNA president   7:05 pm

3. Police Report – Officer Bruce Unger

What's going on in the neighborhood? Officer's report and citizen input

  1. Office Unger was promoted – congratulations! Sargent Garcia will assume Officer Unger’s position.
  2. People are noticing an increase in crimes of opportunity. Officer Unger recommends having packages delivered to a neighbor or make sure it has a signature required.
  3. – web site with police activities. Go to the ‘my neighborhood’ section. You can also call 311.
  4. As a neighborhood we can work to remove the temptation by eliminating objects more desirable to thieves.

4. Trudi Burney, Director of Education, Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley

  1. Over 5600 injured or sick wild animals. They are the largest in northern California. 150 Volunteers with 4 paid staff.
  2. The center rehabilitates animals and provides education on wildlife.
  3. Contact information 929-wild
  4. Trudi’s words of wisdom “Use our wildlife to solve our problems!” – suggestion - put out a bat house – 1 bat will eat 1000 mosquitoes.

5. Neighborhood Improvement Project – Dan Erceg

  1. We’ll be painting the light poles on Delmas.
  2. Saturday July 30 th, 9:00. Meet at Hummingbird park.
  3. If you have a particularly blighted pole, contact Dan.

6. 4 th of July

  1. Great time by everyone.
  2. Thanks to Jim Moore and Annette Boyer for leading the effort. Thanks to the many volunteers for making the event happen.
  3. Cool truck, fun kid games

7. Newsletter

Thank you Heidi LeVell and Judi McComak. If you have a story or topic, contact Heidi.

8. New Trees

  1. Sign up for free tree planting. Planting takes place in October. Sign up at 537-0393.
  2. People can sign up conditionally if they are looking to have the concrete cut in front of the houses. The association will work with the city and My City Forest for funding.
9. Illegal tree removal
  1. Even if a tree is in your yard, others enjoy the beauty and shade it provides.
  2. A permit is required for tree removal over a certain size. Check the web site for additional information.
10. Neighborhood concerns
  1. Fuller Park Improvements set to start next month
  2. Delmas Vintage Streetlights installation underway.
  3. These improvements accomplished by Greater Gardner NAC

Meting Adjourned at 8:30 pm


Web site updated to include a TAKE ACTION link. Check it out:

Little Delmas #2 action is still required – speak up on this issue.

Connect with neighbors – join the NWGNA e-group at

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