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NWGNA Meeting, 2/04
"Gang Awareness"

by Ken Eklund, Deputy Secretary-Treasurer
February 2004

North Willow Glen Neighborhood Association
Word of Faith Church
February 24, 2004
7 – 9 pm



1. Call to Order and Welcome Tom Smith

2. Gang Awareness and Education Lt. Art Munoz

The presentation included a primer on recognizing gang members, gang habits, graffiti and warning signs of gang activity. Most chilling were videotapes of gang vs. gang violence in SJ restaurants - patrons and restaurant staff pretty much looked the other way.

3. Fuller Park Conceptual Plan update Tom and Board

Tom displayed the conceptual plan and explained the park's design (primarily a passive space with grass areas for general purpose use). Tom invited those with comments or questions to attend the public meeting, to be held: Monday, MARCH 22nd, 7pm at the Pensione Esparanza, 598 Columbia Avenue, corner of Columbia and Bird Avenues.

4. Neighborhood Service Day Dan

Dan announced our first NSD, to be held on Saturday, March 13th. He urged people to look for our North Willow Glen Neighborhood Association banners, to be posted at the meeting place (Hummingbird Park, corner of Bird and Fisk Avenues). Volunteers are to meet there at 9 am. Tasks: weed Fuller Park, tended the Hummingbird Park color spot and Atlanta gateways.

5. Street Trees Ken

Ken talked about the Spring push for street trees in North Willow Glen... it's a special opportunity for those who have concrete park strips in front of their house (a grant may pay for concrete removal). He said he had about ten trees and was hoping for more. He also was looking for volunteers tho help plant the trees in April.

6. Palm Haven front loader house update Dan

Palm Haven was applying pressure to prevent the owner of the last vacant lot in Palm Haven from building a non-conpatible "front loader" house (house with garage at streetside). Palm Haven eventually was able to reach an agreement with the property owner and get the garage relocated to the back.

7. Membership Mike

Mike spoke on the need to "get the word out" - to be more aggressive in promoting the neighborhood association. He suggested that people be more active in talking about the association to their neighbors, and to help recruit volunteers for service days and events. He said that too much association work was done by just a few people.

8. Land Use — Actionable Items Harvey

Harvey spoke about developments going on in the areas near North Willow Glen, and how people could find out more and let their opinions be known. He mentioned some specific developments, but (no fault of his) my mind was wandering off to sunnier, less complicated climes, and I failed to note what developments Harvey named.

9. 4th of July ****Neighborhood Emergency**** Tom

The heroic organizers who put on our great Fourth of July block party and ice cream social last year declined to do it again this year... so the event is in imminent peril of not happening. Mike Gaines and Marc Bauman stepped forward to take charge and prevent the event from fading.

10. New Business

Tom called for any new business to come forward. I don't think there was any, but my mind had wandered back to Tahiti and so I can't be sure.


11. Meet your neighbors, make some new friends and connections, discuss some neighborhood business.

That's all, folks!

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