90-sec. Shockwave
Ken Eklund
Final Draft
August 10, 2000



Scene 1. VISUAL

Bring on a happy-looking TagMan.

Scene 1. AUDIO

TagMan (in narrator voice):
How Manfred’s Department Reduced its Paper Hassle and Increased the Company’s Profits. Brought to you by - KwikTag.


0:10--------PROBLEM STATEMENT--------------

Scene 2. VISUAL

Edith Employee, scrounging through a file cabinet - she’s pulled out a zillion folders.

Scene 2. AUDIO

TagMan VO (narrator voice):
Manfred’s office had a big paper problem.

Edith VO (exasperated):
Where did I put that sales contract?


Scene 3. VISUAL

Edgar Employee, barely visible behind a desk stacked with folders.

Scene 3. AUDIO

Edgar VO (Moaning):
I’ve lost that vendor invoice – again.


Scene 4. VISUAL

Emilio Employee, at a copier that’s spitting out hundreds of copies.

Scene 4. AUDIO

Emilio VO (weary):
There's got to be a better way to distribute these meeting notes.


Scene 5. VISUAL

CU of Manfred Manager, looking pleased.

Scene 5. AUDIO

 Manfred VO:
Hey, team, relax. I’ve found a way to fix our paper problem. We can quickly move our paper to digital using KwikTag. Let me show you how it works.


0:30---------SOLUTION STATEMENT-----------------

Scene 6. VISUAL

Screen shot of client software.

Scene 6. AUDIO

Manfred VO (giving presentation):
Here’s what you do first: FILE a paper document right at your desktop... file it once, that’s it.

Edith, Edgar, Emilio VO (murmur in BG):
Oh, great! That’s easy. Really simple.


Scene 7. VISUAL

Transit to TAG. CU of an INVOICE. Manfred's hand passes over it, leaving a Post-It eFlag on the paper.

Scene 7. AUDIO

Manfred VO (giving presentation):
Next, you TAG the document with a Post-It eFlag.

Edith, Edgar, Emilio VO (murmur in BG):
Hey, just like a Post-It Note! No-brainer!


Scene 8. VISUAL

Transit to SCAN. Bring on a representation of an office copier, as seen from directly overhead. As viewed from above, hands bring on a stack of documents, drop them in the feeder; we see the top document is the INVOICE marked with the Post-It eFlag.

Scene 8. AUDIO

Manfred VO (giving presentation):
Last, you take a stack of documents to our office copier and scan them.

Edith, Edgar, Emilio VO (murmur in BG):
Just drop 'em in, whenever we want. So simple! And we’ve already got the equipment.


Scene 9a. VISUAL

Bring on graphic (version of the FILE-TAG-SCAN-SHARE diagram) which focuses on showing that FILE - TAG – SCAN puts documents into NETWORK FILE CABINET.

Scene 9a. AUDIO

Manfred VO (giving presentation):
KwikTag recognizes the Post-It eFlag on each document, and files it automatically in our Network File Cabinet. Fast and simple, right? Now here’s the best part...


1:10---------BENEFIT STATEMENT---------------

Scene 9b. VISUAL

Change graphic: push back FILE - TAG – SCAN, focus on SHARE, showing all four people can access documents in NETWORK FILE CABINET from any desktop.

Scene 9b. AUDIO

Edith VO:
I can find documents in a snap!

Edgar VO:
No more lost paper!

Manfred VO:
We can SHARE our important company information on paper - from our desktops, instantly.

Emilio VO:
And we can integrate with email and other desktop applications!

Scene 10. VISUAL

Happy, efficient office scene, showing employees putting documents in KwikBaskets, moving KwikBoxes out of the area, working at computers, etc. Paper is under control. Manfred is beaming at his efficient employees.

Scene 10. AUDIO

TagMan VO:
KwikTag can save significant time and money in any size office, including yours. It can move your paper to the digital world.


Scene 11a. VISUAL

Bring back TagMan.

Scene 11a. AUDIO

Want to hear how our customers are reducing their paper problems? Want to put KwikTag to work in your office? Call us.


1:30--------END (CALL TO ACTION)--------------

Scene 11b. VISUAL

Replace TagMan with call to action billboard: it reads

Move your paper to the digital world.
Get KwikTag. 1-877-KWIK-111.

and every few seconds, changes to

Easy to file. Easy to find.

Also bring on a CLOSE button. End demo.

- end -