Movie Title: "I Grow Tired"
from Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor
Authors: Ken Eklund and Sarah Stocker

This movie plays when you first arrive at the massive doors of the Baelnorn's quarters. When you click on the doors, the DM speaks:

The doors are locked. Through
the keyhole, you hear voices...

Now a movie plays.

Fade up: we're looking through a keyhole at a lit scene beyond. OS, a senior Cult mage is heard conferring with his lieutenants. As they speak, the camera strains to adjust the keyhole view to reveal the speakers, but finding their shadows on the wall is the best it can do, so it centers on that.

Senior Mage VO (OS): Still no word from Forgred’s men?

Lieutenant Mage VO (OS): No sir.

Senior Mage VO (OS): Or Gashet? Or Rubal?

Lieutenant Mage VO (OS): No sir. {hesitant} She will not be pleased.

Senior Mage VO (OS): She must learn patience!

Suddenly there’s the crackle of a magical Gate opening. The camera view shifts again, looking around until the Gate is revealed in the keyhole. The Gate flashes closed, and Kya Mordrayn is revealed. The camera view centers on her. She regards the Senior Mage who remains OS. Her movements are languid.

Mordrayn: What news, Mage Captain?

Senior Mage VO (OS):
. . . . . . . . The baelnorn is locked away, Mistress. No one has entered.

Mordrayn: That is well. And the intruders?

Senior Mage VO (OS): We have not found them yet. But -

Mordrayn holds up a hand, cutting him off like an axe.

Mordrayn (sighing): I grow tired of this.

The merest gesture of her hand. OS, a ball of flame engulfs the Senior Mage who screams horribly as the spell burns him alive. Mordrayn’s face remains impassive, lit by the glare; she lowers her hand. Her eyes, aglow, follow the burning mage as he sinks to the ground. The screams die, the flames go out, and a low hiss (the mage’s body, sizzling) is the only sound.

Mordrayn shifts her gaze to Lieutenant. (There is only one shadow on the wall now.)

Mordrayn: {gestures with claw-finger} You command now.

The Lieutenant’s shadow moves as he bows his head ever so slightly.

Lieutenant VO (OS): Yes. {suddenly, taking initiative} -Mistress, an idea.

Mordrayn arches an eyebrow expectantly.

Lieutenant VO (OS): With your leave, I will unlock the doors.

Mordrayn's eyes widen with surprise.

Lieutenant VO (OS): And be ready.

Mordrayn ponders this.

Mordrayn: If you fail, pray that they kill you.

The Gate reappears, and she is gone.

Shadows flicker as the lieutenant, now emboldened, snarls orders:

Lieutenant VO (OS): Get up, you maggots! Get up! You! Get everyone in here! Everyone! And you - unlock the doors.

We hear an explosion of movement. Many feet are running, and we see blurs hurtle past the keyhole. Then a figure steps directly in front of the keyhole on the other side, obscuring it. We hear a jingle of keys, and then the keyhole goes dark - we hear more than see him put the key in. We hear the key turn and a HUGE bolt slides back. The boom echoes and echoes. The movie ends.

Resume the game with the party in front of the huge doors. The doors are now unlocked.