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Annette Mees
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Data Visualization
  Scott Minneman
Dale MacDonald

of Onomy Labs
Data Visualization Device
Social Media
  Gene Becker
of ubistudio and Trendjammer
Production Counsel
Peggy Weil
Josh and Mia Judkins, Alie and Bruce Victorine, Cait Zorn and Mark Bracewell, Sara de Angelis and Anaseina Kotoa, Raj Sandhu and Monica Ruck, Asha and Nailah Cofield, Bonnie Primbsch and Angel May, Kelsey Higham and Cindy Chang, Diane Bracken and Cindy Jocson, Diana Dream and Kristin Neidlinger, Thomas Jensen and Whitney Sampson, Kristen Majetich, Oluchi Nwokocha, Brian Fabella and Christopher Cunningham, Tamara Schane and Patti Massey, Marilyn Davis and Rose Hernandez, Isaac Pardo, Laura Beale and her daughter Katie, Suzette Mahr and Jeffrey Martin, Jon Wilson, Uyen Tu
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  Sarah Rainwater
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Photo of Ken Eklund by Chuck Berry

Vintage photos via the Library of Congress

Other images by Ken Eklund

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Steve Dietz
Jaime Austin
Devon Bella

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Sara Thacher
of Nonchalance

Joe Edelman
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Josh and Mia Judkins
Chelsea Howe
Gene Becker
Mark Bracewell

Lola the Mexican Bus

Tim at T*Mobile

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