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The door slams open. "Get out," the pilot roars. The passenger sitting next to you grabs her backpack and scrambles out onto the ice.

"You too." The pilot stabs a glance at you.

"Me?" you shout back. "I'm going on to Eureka."

"Not any more, you're not." Through the open door at your elbow, the copilot seizes your baggage and throws it out onto the ice.


"What's going on?" you yell, and the copilot brings his head close. "Got an emergency," he shouts over the wind. "Snowmobilers in bad shape. Storm coming. Everybody out." You glance at the cockpit, where the grim-faced pilot is working the radio.

Putting up the hood on your parka, you step out onto the Arctic ice.

An Access Excellence Science Mystery sponsored by Genentech, Inc.
Copyright © 1997 Genentech, Inc.; all rights reserved.


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