Heading north again,
and east to Fort Nelson

The WRX has been a constant,
solid performer. Great Cooper tires too

Lots o' trouble getting an Internet hook.
Geez, man, lighten up

Yes we are. From all over the world.
I think we're the only source for scores

DAY 5: The Longest Day    
Motorcycle guy
to rally worker:
"Hey, can you tell me:
did I get into
that checkpoint
early or late?"


"Oh. Cool!"
(7:34 am) Crimony. We're heading north out of Skagway on a TSD and it's like we're driving inside a ping-pong ball. The clouds lie heavy in the White Pass and we can barely see twenty feet ahead of the car. We're supposed to find signs and other landmarks - no bleeping way. R.Dale's fighting to maintain our 40 mph target speed. And the checkpoints just loom suddenly out of the soup, allowing zero reaction time.I think today is the longest day - two TSD sections and over 700 miles to traverse. I pity the rallyists who paused about 20:00:00 too long in the brewpub of the Golden North Hotel - I myself got out of there just in time. (Before the Car 8 guys launched into"ole-ole-ole" yet again)

You see the road ahead? Me neither.
Skagway is a weird town, a town founded on the incomprehensible misery of tens of thousands of desperate people stampeding toward the Klondike gold rush. The people who beat the system then were the ones who figured out how to "mine the miners," and seeing the cruise ships stacked up in the harbor, I guess the tradition continues.(later) Maybe that's a bit harsh.As a tourist adventure, the Alcan is a weird gig. You never stay long enough to get the measure of any place you visit. You see the charged landscape slide by at freeway speed. The constant principle is motion - if not right now, then soon. For some people that would be the trip from hell. But these are people who like to be moving, and I am one of them now.
Purpose of our trip? "Car rally." That got a raised eyebrow. Nothing whatever to declare. Go to www.challengedriving.com