Brakes, Wheels and Suspension

Tein Basic Coil-Over Damper Kit
Item # S-300

Sport handling and driving comfort combined. TEIN has developed advanced technology to design the shell case and stroke to bring out the full potential of our SX-4's. The features of the TEIN Basic Damper kit were designed with greater performance to satisfy all your driving demands. This high performance damper can be used for weekend racing and/or daily driving.  For race use, the ride height adjustable system enables you to adjust ride height.

  • Shorter shock body allow for improved ride even though car is lower than stock.
  • Lowers car .86/2.6 inches in the front and 1.54/2.17 inches in the rear.  Min/Max.
  • Applies to the 2007+ Hatchback Only

Your Price: $1170

Tein S-Tech Lowering Springs
Item# S-309

TEIN S.Tech Springs are an excellent step towards suspension tuning. Designed to be used with OEM or OEM replacement shocks. Each application is road tested in North America for the proper balance between performance and comfort. Comes with a 1 year limited warranty, spring length is guaranteed not to sag more than 5mm, and be clear of any manufacturer defects.

  • Lowers car 1.38 inches Front and 1.65 inches Rear.
  • 163lbs Front/246lbs Rear Spring Rate
  • Progressive Spring Rate Design
  • Green Powder Coat Finish

Your Price: $380

Primitive Racing Slotted Brake Rotors
Item # S-301

Our curve slotted front rotors are a direct replacement for your 07+ Suzuki SX-4 Crossover/Sedan. They work with your factory calipers. This OEM quality rotor has five curved power slots on each side. The slots are cut to the maximum wear depth for that rotor, so when the slot goes away, it is time to change the rotor... (just like the wear bar on your tires). These slots help hot gases escape to keep your brakes and rotors cool and working their best!

Your Price: $349/pair


Performance Ceramic Brake Pads
Item # S-302

These ceramic compound pads offer high-performance braking on the street, and light track duty at a reasonable price! Improve your braking today with these up-graded pads.

Your Price: $57 - Front Set     $47 - Rear Set

Front/Rear Combo Price: $99/Full Set    

Primitive Racing Brake Up-Grade Kit
Item # S-303

Our kit contains everything you need to upgrade your OEM brakes with our High-Performance up-grades. Enhances braking while still allowing you to use your stock 15" or 16" wheels.

Kit Contains:
1 Set (Front Left/Right) Primitive's Slotted Rotors
1 Set (Front/Rear) Ceramic Pads
2 Pints Motul RBF600 High-Temp Synthetic Brake Fluid

Your Price: $474

Primitive Racing Medium Length Wheel Studs
Item # S-304

We all know the studs on our SX-4's are incredibly short and this prevents us from running many aftermarket wheels, well pick up a set of our Medium Length Wheel Studs and worry no more! These studs measure 1.3" from the shoulder to give you that extra length you want for easier tire mounting and dismounting.

Your Price: $125/Set


ARP Long Wheel Studs
Item # S-305

ARP’s heat-treated 8740 chrome moly wheel studs are a much-needed replacement for any car engaged in racing competition. They have a tensile strength of 190,000 psi and are able to easily handle the tremendous acceleration shock loads (shear) and lateral forces (elongation) found in racing. The studs are sold in packs of 5 and are cadmium plated for extra durability. Nuts not included.


Your Price: $193


Team Dynamics Pro Rally Wheels
Item # S-306

These wheels are rally tough and race proven. You can find these wheels on plenty of rally cars all across the nation and Canada. Lightweight and strong as hell, these won't let you down whether its blasting down a stage at 80mph or tearing up the competition at your local RallyCross. These 15" wheels will clear 2002 - 2009 WRX brakes. Available in 15x6.0 and 15x7.0 sizes. Comes in either silver (pictured) or white.

15x6 12mm-49mm offset. 17.9lbs
15x7 23mm-53mm offset. 17.7lbs

Your Price: 15x6 - $189 ea    15x7 - $193 ea


Silverstone Competition s525 Rally Tyre
Item # S-307

The rally tire of choice for the Primitive Racing team. These tires are tough and will stand up to the roughest stages or the most rutted RallyCross field.

choose from either "narrow" or "wide" 15" tires to suit your ride.

Directional tread pattern, left and right tires.



Your Price: $145 ea

Silverstone Competition Mud Rally Tyre
Item # S-308

The "king of the slop!" These tires feature an open lug design and it really works! Keeps your tires clean and grabbing dirt like they should. Last year these tires took the RallyCross world by storm and started posting 10sec faster times with the drivers. Shortly after that they starting showing up at some of the wet and muddy stage rally's and have been kicking butt ever since!

Best for soft/loose/muddy conditions but still kick butt on the harder stuff too!

Available in 15" sizes only. Directional tread pattern.



Your Price: $160 ea