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Performance and Durability
For Street, Woods and Rally

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Suzuki SX4

Mitsubishi EVO 8,9,10

Rally Prepped

As featured in GrassRoots Motorsports, and Driving Sports magazines!! The original .125" Primitive skidplate is rally-proven and will survive rallycross or pot-hole abuse. Great for mud, snow, light gravel.  Accept no substitutes! For more serious crashing about, might we suggest our robust 3/16" thickness? (Much cheaper than getting a new oil pan installed) Perfect for hidden rocks, stumps, or those who travel the back roads  or occasional off-road adventure.  For even MORE protection, see if you year and model qualifies for our terrific STINGER TAIL OPTION

Skidplates for all 2008-12 Models
Now available from Primitive Racing (as well as all the OLDER models, click ABOVE)

2008+ Impreza and WRX Front and Rear Skidplates are now in stock and shipping

2008+ STi Front and Rear Skidplates are also ready to ship out, see these in action on our new 2008 STi SP rally car.   HERE

2009+ Forester XT and 2.5i owners will be happy to know we've developed skidplates for your car's as well.  4EAT tranny protectors now shipping.

2010+ Legacy, Legacy GT, Outback (both 2.5i and the 3.6R)  TRIPLE ARMOR now available: front skidplate, rear skidplate and choice of CVT or AutoTranny protector!


Skidplate Install Instructions are now online! Click HERE to check out our  install page! Also be sure to check out our new SKIDPLATE DETAILS Page HERE
Primitive Racing Mud Flaps

Primitive Full Rally Mud Flap Protection

Item No: 3099

Front and rear mudflaps for most Impreza, WRX and STi in  80-90 durometer urethane sheet which is flexible and side-mounting for rally use..

FULL SET of  black urethane mudflaps (can order RED as well).  We supply the die-cut flap, and the aluminum angle brackets to attach to the fender and rear bumper.  You will drill and rivet depending upon your needs.  These provide good paint protection and are flexible enough to shake of most scrapes and shunts.  Long lasting and great rally look.
Set of 4 (2 fronts and 2 rears) with 2 angle brackets and bolts for each.


Your Price: $380


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