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Performance and Durability
For Street, Woods and Rally

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We have in stock the HANS SPORT model  Head and Neck Restraint System with Quick Click SLIDING Tethers!

The HANSŪ device was invented by Robert Hubbard, PhD., Professor, College of Engineering at Michigan State University in collaboration with his brother-in-law, long-time IMSA sports car driver, Jim Downing. The objective was to reduce the chance of serious injury caused by the violent movement of the unrestrained head and helmet combination in an accident. In a high "G" accident, say 80 G's, a 15-pound head and helmet combination effectively weighs 1200 pounds (15 x 80) for a split second. Crash recorders in INDY cars have seen over 100 G's. The driver's neck has to take this load. The generally accepted average threshold for injury is about 740 pounds. Injury level loads such as this can happen at speeds under 60 mph in a head-on crash.  Examples of options and pricing:

Sport Model 20 Standard, LW2 lightweight FIXED or SLIDING Tethers - $595  (Medium or Large)

Sport Model 20 W/Quick Click- Sliding Tether with a Quick Disconnect on the Helmet - $645

Sport Model 20 w/traditional anchor posts and Sliding Tether - $645  (great for Rally)

Order yours today! Click HERE to email us and place your order!  Carbon Fiber models available.

Click HERE for all the details on our HANS page!

Be sure to stop by our Picture and Video page to check out the HANS Device in action! CLICK ME!

The ones we use!
Racing Helmets
By Bell and Pyrotect

More racers choose Bell and Pyrotect helmets than any other makers, and Bell's extensive selection is one reason. Pyrotect's terrific value is another reason. Click the link below to see Bell West's online catalog...

Select what you want from the PYROTECT CATALOG, write down the model, style and size, then ORDER THROUGH PRIMITIVE ENTERPRISES. We'll get you the dealer's lowest price and throw in free shipping!

WHY ORDER? Because you get FREE SHIPPING if you order from PRIMITIVE and the lowest price shown on their website.

Severe Weather Companion

Be prepared for a weather emergency. The severe weather kit contains just about everything needed to handle an unexpected weather emergency while traveling. Included are items which help provide the basic necessities such as warmth, light, water, first aid, and the ability to signal for help; all packaged in a handy, padded canvas carrying case embroidered with the Subaru logo. 


Your Price: 44.50

A little reminder as to why you buy good safety equipment. (That's not us - yet)



Performance and Durability
For Street, Woods and Rally

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