Primitive Rally School
2009 Portland Area School Info


Primitive Performance Driving

And RallyCross Events

Open to all licensed drivers, all levels of rally and  driving
experience, with emphasis on BEGINNER to INTERMEDIATE levels.

3 days of instruction: classroom training Friday night, driving
exercises Saturday, and a full RallyCross competition Sunday.
$305 (Check) - Early Registration; after that $320 (Check) per person. Paypal please add $5. You must pre-register 4 weeks before the school for discounted price.
Send checks to:
     Primitive Enterprises, Inc
     8425 SW Ashford St.
     Tigard, OR  97224-7501
For More Information please contact:
Paul Eklund (503) 624-2139  or

                       --------------------  Typical AGENDA  --------------------

  Friday Groundschool (4:45pm registration, class 5-10pm)
Location:   Red Lion Hillsboro - Farmhouse Restaurant (for most PORTLAND Schools)
  o Welcome and goal setting o Car prep basics o Terms and glossary o Rally Basics
  Driver's Topics
o Launches      o Recovering
o Braking           o Crashing
o Turning           o Car Balance
Each participant receives a course book LOADED with info Co-driver's Topics
o Control Operations        o Crashing
o Route Book     o Calling  Instructions
o Controlling the car from right seat
  Driving Techniques Preparing to win Q & A Stories & Examples
  Saturday Rally School ( 8am at Washington County Fairgrounds located behind hotel)
  Time-Speed-Distances Exercises
  o Following the route       o Basic Calculations       o Recovering your course        o Finding Checkpoints          o Making ZEROS !
   Driving Exercises
  o Finding the apex and proper driving line
  o One-on-one rally driving instruction
  o Skidpad and finding limits of adhesion
  o Trail braking and car balance on the edge

o Judging distance to object
o Hard braking and the humility of understeer
o Hitting an apex repeatedly
o Emergency procedures
  Sunday Rally Cross Competition  ( 8am at Washington County Fairgrounds )
  o Car preparation
o Planning for victory, living with best efforts
o Recovering from setbacks
o Dealing with pressure
o Setting proper tire pressures
o Personalized Instruction
o Course setup and  teardown
o Final Debrief and Graduation
  Don't have your own car? Use one of ours!
Rally-prepped rentals: $290 - $450
for  the weekend
Other upcoming schools:  Vallejo, CA (March 2009) Nashville, Tennessee (Sept 2009) See website for current schedule


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