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Primitive Racing's PREPARATION

Here's a view of a customer car...

A 2007 STi built to rally specs to compete in the La Carrera Panamericana race across Mexico.  Finished 7th overall... out of 90+ entries




2002 WRX/2005 STi Subaru Rally Car

Primitive Racing's Classic Rally Ride

Here's a 2004 view of our beloved STAGE RALLY  car... We called him "Old Yeller"

This STi   sports a 2.2 closed deck hybrid motor, twin-scroll turbo and a 6-speed transmission with adj center differential.

And here is is in 2005, 2006 and 2007 in action....


Primitive Racing's Current Rally Rental car (and backup car)

Here's a 2006 view of our rally car that is available for rent at the rally schools and for STAGE RALLY WEEKENDS...

This 2004 2.5RS is nick named "Inky"  sports a nice  2.5 liter naturally aspirated motor, headers, intake and a 5-speed, 4:11 transmission with limited slip rear differential.  Smooth and quick.

  More pics and interior shots to come....


Some ARCHIVES for your enjoyment.....

Year 2001

Primitive Racing

 January:  Eklund invited to driver tryout
 Prodrive,  the world-renowned race-team sponsor, invited Primitive Team leader Paul Eklund to test for a driver position in the new Subaru Group N car. Paul was one of only eight drivers from Europe and the United States participating in the exclusive testing event in Banbury, England. Two drivers will be chosen to field a North American rally effort.

 February 3: USX Improvements
 New engine and transmission: The Primitive Racing Subaru USX is scheduled to have a new tranny and engine installed, with a bigger throttle body and extrude-honed intake manifold.

 February 10: USX on Display
 at Sportsman Show in Portland

 March 13: Cherokee Trails ProRally -- Chattanooga, TN
 Race ends early on slippery turn
Primitive's short race was captured by Speedvision's ever-present cameras as the team overshot a corner, cracked a tree, and disappeared over the embankment. The car and crew were relatively undamaged given the spectacular circumstances, but it was a long tow home from Tennessee for only two points towards the season championship ...

 April 7: Oregon Trail ProRally -- Tillamook, OR
Still another tranny blows
Another short race for the team as second gear "went away" early in the race. The crack service crew replaced the tranny alongside the road during a nasty hail/snow/rain storm (which disrupted the entire rally) and the team was allowed to complete the rally on Sunday. A short tow home, but with long faces.

 May 4: Rim of the World

 July 28: Maine Forest ProRally

 August 17: Ojibwe Forest ProRally

 September 7: Wild West ProRally

 September 29: Prescott Forest ProRally

Year 2000

Primitive Racing

  April 11: Portland International Raceway
High speed shakeout for newly-assembled Subaru USX.
April 30-May 1: SCCA Rim of the World ProRally
Sixth place overall. A very impressive performance for a new car in this prestigious event.
June 18-19: SCCA Wild West ProRally
Third place overall. Another strong top-10 finish.
June 26-27: SCCA Oregon Trail's End ClubRally
Second in class; third overall. Another good finish in a grueling race. The USX suffered its first (minor) off.
Aug 7-8: ORV Rally Sprints #1 & #2
First place in each. Paul Eklund driving. Team member Karen Price also drove in her first rally event.
Sept 16-17: SCCA E-Stock Topeka, Kansas
National Champion for 2nd year. Paul Eklund retained his championship driving a borrowed Toyota Celica GT.
Sept 16-17: SCCA E-Stock Ladies
Third place. Karen Price driving same car.
Oct 1-2: SCCA Prescott Forest Rally
No finish. After replacing a broken strut, the USX was running with the 2nd best time in the 4th & 5th stages. Then ... disaster. Out of the race with a broken crank sensor.
Feb 11-19: Alcan 2000 Winter Rally
First place: R.Dale Kraushaar, Paul Eklund and Larry Richarson joined talents in R.Dale's 2.5RS Subaru in this event, shortened to (only) 4500 miles. The team's prowess in slalom events along the way was the winning margin. See day-by-day details in Alcan 2000 Winter Rally
Mar 17-19: Doo Wop ClubRally
Second place: Good showing marred by shunt after finishing. See details in Primitive Racing News
April 15: Oregon Trail ClubRally
Second place: Going strong until third gear was lost. Tranny blew completely before next day. See details in Primitive Racing News
May 5-6: Rim of the World ProRally
Fifth in class: 7th overall in Saturday ClubRally. See details
in Primitive Racing News
June 10-11: Dryad Quest ClubRallies-- Shelton, WA.
New engine opportunity: Leading the pack until undetermined engine bearing failure sidelined the team. New engine now under construction will push horsepower to 275+ range with dual valve springs, hot cams, ceramic coated pistons and larger turbo on reworked intake system.
August 25-26: Ojibwe Forests ProRally-- Bemidji, Minnesota
Equipment problems dash hopes for the Impreza USX. First a blown transmission, replaced in the service area with a herculean effort. But then a blown turbo ... bypassed with sticks, socks and ingenuity to finish, avoiding the dreaded DNF.
> Details of the race at Ojibwe Forest Rally and our Racing News September 29-30: Prescott Forest ProRally-- Prescott, AZ
Again -- another Top Five Finish for the Impreza USX. Paul Eklund & Scott Huhn drove a good race, keeping to the center of the road and finishing fifth overall. The team suffered only a minor dust delay, a cracked rim and a torn C-V boot, all due to rocky road conditions. "I was born in Arizona," says driver Eklund, "and it was good to come back for a glorious visit and to do so well near my old stomping grounds".
September 30: Prescott Forest ProRally Awards Banquet-- Prescott, AZ
Carl Merrill Sportsmanship Award to the Primitive Team. "The team is honored to receive such an award, and Karen, Justin, Dan and Brianne along with Scott and all the "Primitives" that have worked so hard to get the team this far should be very proud" stated Eklund.

Description of our beloved Primitive Racing USX Rallycar

(now owned by Carey Wright)

4-Wheel Disc Brakes

Momo Acropolis Seats

Alloy Control Arms

Hella 4000 Lights

Diamond Motor Sports 50mm Giant Struts

Rollcage by R&R RaceFab

15" alloy wheels with Michelin Pilot Rally Tires

Terratrip 303 Plus Rally

Fiberglass wing

2.2 liter Turbocharged and Intercooled Engine, upgraded to 275 hp (est)

Electromotive Engine Management system

2.5" exhaust

Urethane Motor Mounts

Phoenix Halon Fire System

Strut tower bars and Skidplates by Primitive Enterprises

 Primitive Enterprises Paul Eklund Subaru racing rally performance parts
 Primitive Enterprises Paul Eklund Subaru racing rally performance parts

Buy the best racing mods: All ProRally drivers are tough on their cars. Although the top drivers seem to be even tougher, they know and respect their car's capabilities and limitations. These drivers optimize their rally cars through careful part selection.
Primitive Enterprises fields a top ProRally team, partly because it's fun, but also because the racing experience is invaluable in selecting the right part for your car. And now, Primitive Racing is expanding its experience potential with the addition of a new Subaru WRX rally car. We'll keep you posted on the progress of installation of upgrade parts and modifications.
Our Subaru USX uses the specific upgrade mod parts and equipment listed at the right above. Other parts optimized for your needs and for your pocketbook may be found in the Catalog Price Sheet. Let a real ProRally driver help you in making your selections.

Primitive Enterprises is proud of its many helpful crew members and is particularly grateful for the support of the following sponsors and suppliers:
  Royal Moore Subaru, Hillsboro, OR
  T-Scandia Motors, Tigard, OR  general Subaru & Saabaru repair and maintenance...
(503) 684-6465
  Subaru Northwest Region
  PIAA Corp (lighting and light pods)    
  Exedy Racing Clutches (awesome!)    
  Cobb Surgeline  (engine tuning and dyno)
  Carr Subaru     
REBEL CRICKET Screen Printing
  A'N'T Tire  / Trackside Motorsports


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