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Exedy OEM Clutch Kit

Want to replace that worn out slipping clutch with a better than OEM quality clutch kit? Well you're in luck, we carry OEM replacement clutches for your Subaru from renowned manufacturer Exedy!

Clutch Kits include: New pressure plate, organic disk, throw out bearing, alignment tool and pilot bearing.

1996-02 Impreza - $291

1996-99 Legacy - $299

2002-03 WRX - $319

More kits available for your car! Please email us for pricing.

Exedy Stage 1 Organic Clutch kit

EXEDY organic racing clutches only use premium friction materials that are resistant to slippage and burst. Increased clamp loads give the necessary capacity to handle modified engines. This is the preferred clutch for street and light horsepower track use. Drivability is similar to the stock clutch. Pedal efforts will be slightly higher because of the higher clamp loads. All of our clutch discs have spring center dampers to reduce drivetrain shock.


2002-05 WRX: $592

2006+ WRX, 2005+ Legacy GT: $589

Many more available! Call or Email for a price quote!

Clutchnet Pressure Plate And Disc
For Subaru 2.5RS

Don't let your horsepower slip away!

This heavy duty pressure plate, made by Clutchnet, has 1750 lbs of clamping force! Combine that with our EZ-Lok 4-puck or our 6-puck disc(pictured) for a kit that will easily handle over 350 ft-lbs of torque!

Not recommended for extensive street driving, but great for racing, with near-instant response when power is needed!

Your Price: $419

Clutchnet Red Pressure Plate

This racing clutch pressure plate is what you need for those high horsepower builds! rated to handle over 350 ft-lbs and has a clamping force of over 1750 ft-lbs.



Your Price: $269

EZ-Lok 6-Puck Copper Button Racing CLUTCH DISC

Perfect for hard use with either a factory or heavy duty pressure plate.

This 6-button(puck) disc has heavy duty easy locking springs for great strength, and a good, stiff feel!

If that bone-jarring neck-whipping drag-race lauch is what you're after, ask for the "quick-lock" style. No springs, just grab and go!

Your Price: 225mm (2.5rs, Legacy, Forester) - $159

                    230mm (WRX and STi) - $165


Note: These are designed for RALLY use and not recommended for the street.

Primitive Lightened Flywheel
Single piece design for Subaru WRX

Want to lose a few pounds - where it counts?

It's not the weight ... it's the angular momentum that retards the engine when you're trying to rev up fast. This flywheel has been lightened in just the right places with accurate CNC machining, computer balanced and resurfaced, and it has a new pilot bearing as well. Weighs 14.9 pounds.

Your Price: $315


NOTE: At one time or another all race car engines get over-revved, and all cast flywheels used in such high RPM environments should have a scatter shield or other safety blanket around the bellhousing... just in case. Being cast also, these flywheels are no exception. They have been designed so that ample material is left for strength and to dissipate heat, but it is strongly recommended that safety precautions as specified by a sanctioned racing organization be used.

ACT Streetlite Flywheel

Streetlite Flywheels from ACT are considered lighter and stronger than stock flywheels. It will improve throttle response and acceleration. It has better drivability and durability as it is super rigid, precision made and dynamically balanced. Streetlite flywheels are preferred for Street and Drag Racing as it has a good drivability characteristics. 13.4lbs

Your Price: WRX 2002-05 $319

                    STi 2004 -05 $404

                    Impreza/Legacy 1996-99 $320


Group N "STi" Tranny Mount - 6 Speed 

Stiffer than stock, bolt on item. Add to your 6 speed Impreza to enhance ride, and handling.

Fits Model: Impreza
Fits Model Year(s): 2004 -


Your Price: $79

Group N "STi" Tranny Mount - 5 Speed

Stiffer than stock, bolt on item. Add to your Impreza to enhance ride, and handling.

Fits Model: Impreza
Fits Model Year(s): 1998+

Also Available for Legacy and Forester models!

Your Price: $79

Group N "STi" Engine Mounts 

Stiffer than stock, bolt on item. Add to your Impreza to enhance suspension ride and overall handling. Price is EACH (2 needed to install)

Fits Model: Impreza
Fits Model Year(s): 1998 - 2007

Also Available for Legacy and Forester models!

                                                  Your Price: $68/each or $131/pair


Performance and Durability
For Street, Woods and Rally

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