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PRIMITIVE has scheduled 2 RALLY SCHOOLS for 2015!  June 19-21st in Santa Rosa, CA and June 26-28th in Chehalis, WA.   Click the link above for more info.  You can REGISTER there or on the new WEBSITE!!!!

RALLY EVENT NEWS: 2015 has started with some ups and downs in TSD (navigational) Rally.  Paul and navigator Dave Haworth had a huge lead in the March 2015 AROO Rally driving SOP (Seat of the Pants) with a score of about 25 compared to the next best 125, but missed a sign on the last leg, garnering a MAX of 300 points, dropping them down the pack....

July 2014 PRIMITIVE Racers Paul Eklund and navigator R.Dale Kraushaar struggled with a clogged fuel filter on Day 1 of the NW Classic.  The car refured to go up any hills.  Day 2 went better, and the team improved to 5th place OVERALL at the Monte Shelton Historic Rally (July 25-26th)  in the Primitive 1972 Fiat 124 Spider (red, of course).  Preparation includes practicing tire changes with 32 year old equipment, cranking an antique Curta Rally computer (see ) and making sure it doesn't leak too much oil...  Paul and RDale won this event their first time together in 2011 and were 2nd last year...

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Race News (2014)  read down for cool pics...

June 2014  Paul and co-driver Blake Lind will challenge the Olympus Rally in Sheltom, Wa on May 30 and June 1st

May 2014   Oregon Trail Pro Rally (5/2-5/4)!  Primitive suffered a few gremlins on Friday night at Portland International Racemway stages. with a cut out that zapped a bunch of top end power.  Despite the glitch, the team was stiing pretty well after Day 1.  The slowness continued on the high speed stages surrounding Dufur, OR on Day 2 and the team dropped some positions.  They did come back a bit on Day 3 on the Forest Road stages around Hood River, OR on Day 3 finishing the rally 14th overall (out of about 60 entries) and 5th in the National Super Production Class.

April 2014   Paul and Dave took 2nd place at  the 2nd AROO TSD Rally

March 2014:  Paul Eklund and Dave Haworth won the first AROO Rally (Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon) driving Paul's red Fiat 500. 

October 2013  Santa Rosa Rally School looks to be a hoot with 26 driving students. 

September 2013   The Astoria PRIMITIVE RALLY SCHOOL saw 8 brave students fight the elements of a remnant of a tropical typhoon laying down 5 inches of rain and flooding the driving field.  Sunday saw smiles as the students battled an improvised TSD rally around Astoria.

August 2013   Primitive took out the classic Fiat 124 Spider and won the SOP class at the Mountains To The Sea Rally from Portland to Seaside, OR

July 2013  Primitive was leading the Monte Shelton Classic Rallye but on Day 2 a leg was thrown allowing a close rival to slip ahead for the win and Paul and RDale finished 2nd in the Fiat.  So the record for 3 years of competing in this classic rally is a FIRST, a SECOND and a FIFTH (after odometer failure)

June 2013.  Primitive takes on the Nameless Rally (formerly Olympus Rally) in Shelton Washington and finishes despite flats and brake line failure.   4th in class on Sunday!  Great rally!

 Primitive suffered a rare and unfortunate mechanical failure at the Oregon Trail Rally in May.  On a preliminary stage, the front RING and PINION gear failed forcing us out.

Bible Creek Hillclimb is August 18th and I will be running the H6 powered Subaru Impreza Coupe in a Street Modified Class.  Been 8 years since I first ran this event in the venerable USX.

Mountains to the Sea Rally on August 11, by the Cascade Sports Car Club is a classic, running from Portland to the Oregon Coast.  We drove the 1972 FIAT Spider and took 1st in SOP class with a score of 289.  Next is the Columbia Gorge Classic Rally on August 19th. 

Monte Shelton Northwest Classic Rally was July 26-28th from Portland to Bend, OR and back in my 1972 Fiat 124 Spider.  We are the defending CHAMPIONS, but a broken SPEEDOMETER early in the rally kept us from the repear.  We fought hard and still took 6th overall with no speedo and no odometer.

Primitive has fielded a 2004 Forester XT for the 2012 Alcan 5000 Winter Rally.  Equipped with PRIMITIVE strut top spacers with stock springs, the car has 11" of clearance under the rocker panels, handles the ice and snow like a dream with 215/75/15 Cooper WeatherMaster S/T tires (big, flexy sidewalls) and lights up the night with IPF lights from ARB.   The crowning piece allowing fearless entry into any snow drift is the custom ALUMINUM BULL BAR BUMPER manufactured by PRIMITIVE and going into production this summer.

The team of Paul Eklund and RDale Kraushaar took the early lead in the rally, but slipped to second on the second day of TSD regularities.  Visit FaceBook page for PAULEKLUND to read along with details and quips.   

The rally then headed FAR, far North up the 400 mile long Dempster highway with the goal of reaching Inuvik, the largest city north of the Arctic Circle (about 30K people) and up the 105 mile long ice road on the frozen Makenzie River, across the frozen Arctic Ocean (Beaufort Sea) to the farthest town north you can drive a car to, Tuktoyaktuk, NWT (Northwest Territories, Canada)   But the rally got stopped at the Arctic Circle in the tiny gas stop of Eagle Plains (250 miles north of Dawson).  The road ahead was closed due to a big "blow" (read BLIZZARD) and 4 semi's were stuck in the snow and the plows could not reach them or keep the road clear.  Most of the rallyists turned back and returned to Dawson.  Temps at Eagle Plains was about minus 12 degrees F, but that night plunged to -31F for the 7 teams that elected to stay the night and hope the road would re-open.  We did not stay, but headed back, fearing the SOUTHERN portion of the Dempster could close at any moment if the blizzard shifted.  We made a beautiful drive back, stopping at a GEOCACHE along the Dempster and celebrated my birthday that night in Dawson having a bit of the famous "Sour Toe" drink at the Downtown Hotel.  The sour toe is a real, severed, human, big toe that they keep desiccated in a jar of rock salt, then drop into your shot of Yukon Jack.  They chant: "you can drink it fast, or drink it slow, but you lips MUST touch the toe..."   Again see my FB for more details and info on that....

Meanwhile, as the rally moved on towards Tok, AK, Valdez and Anchorage, the teams at Eagle Plains awaited the highway to open.  It did not open for 3 days....  Some teams left and headed south after just one night, others held out.  In the end, 3 cars made it north and achieved Tuktoyaktuk.  Car 13 (OBXT) Car 15 (Mini Cooper) and car 16 our own instructor Steve Carper in a Toyota Yaris.  Only Car 13, driving about 24 hours straight caught up to the rally again (in Valdez) the others met the rally at the finish in Anchorage.  So Primitive customer, Stephen Davidson, in the 2005 Outback XT received the Isuzu "Go Farther" award for being the only car to complete the entire route of the rally.

Primitive team meanwhile RE-TOOK the lead of the rally, then EXTEND IT, building a comfortable margin.  Then disaster struck as the engine mysteriously failed (rod bearing) as we headed to the hotel in Valdez where the car died and had to be towed to a qualified repair facility....

 A sad, sad day for the Primitive team, for in order to finish first, first you must finish.  Congratulations to our tough competitors, Gary Webb and Marc Goldfarb in a Mini Cooper Clubman who took over the lead and finished out the rally.  We toasted them at the finish.  More later, but I am tired and a bit sad.  But the ALCAN adventure is AWESOME, the people great, and PRIMITIVE is considering putting on a bigger, better Alcan Rally in winter 2014.  More regularities, more EXTREME checkpoints and more Ice Race venues.  Please EMAIL ME at: for more details.