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Co-Drivers's Corner

In this space we will list TIPS, TRICKS, and IMPORTANT NEWS aimed at Navigators and Co-Drivers (Stage Rally, Endurance Rally, TSD and all forms of rallye)  We will also offer PRODUCTS and GEAR aimed at co-drivers, like proper shoes, flex lamps, reader board/clip boards, TSD and STATGE rally odometers and computers, etc etc.

Upcoming topics:    ALCAN SURVIVAL tips and gear list;  How to WIN (or therefore lose) an ENDURANCE RALLY (Brisk Gravel TSD); and SIMPLE TIPS for a new STAGE RALLY NAVIGATOR (to not only survive, but excel on your team's first events), and finally BRACE FOR IMPACT, a quick guide on what to do when you let your driver go to far and you are about to crash (it WILL happen...)

Equipment and preparation checklist

These are some of the procedures that have been tried—sometimes successfully—by members of the Alaska Rally Team in years past, along with some of the extra bits that people have thought to carry along. No doubt you will have your own ideas; it is unrealistic to even consider conforming to every item on this list. But it’s a reasonable place to start thinking about what will make you confident and comfortable with your own preparations.  Scan down through them for ideas to match your budget and the event(s) you are going too...  I have BOLD for WINTER RALLY SCHOOL items of note...

Engine compartment and exterior:

q                      A/C belts removed -OPTIONAL

q                      Oil cooler taped -WAXED  CARDBOARD to block RADIATOR opening

q                      Engine compartment sealed[1]

q                      Coolant: 65/35 antifreeze mix (less than 4 years old)    CHANGE OIL and GEAROIL to lighter SYNTHETICS!

q                      Engine-block heater installed

q                      Magnetic oil-pan heater installed or  Subaru has wonderful screw BLOCK HEATER

q                      Battery heater installed.  Subaru makes great battery blanket too

q                      100-watt “night light” w/cord (to warm fan belts overnight and use as power check, late at night)

q                      Heavy-duty battery installed  or at least a solid one less than 5 years old

q                      High-output alternator installed and tested, don't do 3 days before event...

q                      Engine skid plate installed (allows riding OVER snow ridges, etc)

q                      Fuel tank skid pan installed[2]  (very optional)

q                      Driving lights installed  FOG LAMPS important  (YELLOW beam is GOOD)

q                      Driving lights wired properly to dim with high beam switch

q                      Extra high-mounted taillights, brake (for cars FOLLOWING in snow flurry)

      Back-up lights installed - IMPORTANT!


q                      Floormats insulated - winter rubber

q                      Navigation flex lights installed (one in back seat)

q                      Computer inputs installed

q                      Computer installed (RALLY)

q                      Business-band radio installed

q                      2-meter HAM radio installed

q                      CB radio installed

q                      12-volt accessory sockets installed

q                      12-volt heater  installed

q                      Way-cool stereo installed

q                      Additional instruments installed

Safety Equipment and Spares:

q                      25-foot “cold flex” extension cord

q                      Flashlights (two) or one HEADLAMP!

q                      First-aid kit with SPACE BLANKET

q                      Emergency triangles (3)

q       Road flares (six)

q       Spare oil  0-30 Mobil ! or equivalent

q       Matches + SMALL CAMP STOVE and PAN

q       Plumbers’ candles

q       Chemical hand warmers

q       One case of fuel-line antifreeze

q       One gallon of antifreeze premix     (65/35 antifreeze/water ratio)

q       One gallon low-temp washer mix     (methyl alcohol, basically)

q       Two ice scrapers

q       Propane lighter

q       One can of starting fluid

q       Jumper cables

q       Tools including a pick or prybar to get snow out of wheel wells

q       Fast lug wrench

q       Fast jack with wide plywood base -CRITICAL

q       Ground cloth PLASTIC, HEAVY DUTY TARP  - Plastic bin with LID or folding lid for storage

q       Tow strap (2" and 20 foot minimum)

q       Fast-link chain lengths[3]

q       Fuel funnel

q       Spare fuel (must be carried  outside passenger compartment)

q       Small shovel or SNOW SHOVEL - A SNOW HOE is MORE IMPORTANT

q       Work gloves (two pairs)

q       Wool blanket and MUMMY BAG

q       Pillow

q       Small cooler

q       Cable chains

q       Spare fan/alternator belts

q       Spare bulbs for all lights

q       Proper ALL-WEATHER Power Cord with LED lighted OCTOPUS to power BATTERY BLANKET, BLOCK HEATER and FAN BELT LIGHT....

q       _____________________

q       _____________________


ALCAN Rallying

Alcan Rally Team Personal Gear Checklist (winter rallies):


q                      Silk long underwear

q                      Wool-blend long underwear

q                      Long wool socks

q                      Silk inner socks

q                      Driving shoes

q                      Insulated boots

q                      Wool pants

q                      Snow pants (insulated) or wind pant shell

q                    Fleece turtlenecks

q                      Wool shirt or fleece shirt

q                      Wool sweater

q                      Down-filled vest

q                      Down-filled jacket

q                      Down-filled parka or heavy jacket

q                      Driving gloves

q                      Heavy mittens

q                      Hat (very important)

q                      Earband or earmuffs

q                      Key to car (one for everybody)

q                      Propane lighter

q                      Sunglasses

q                      Reading material

q                      CDs (maybe a dozen)

q                      Long wool socks

q                      Spare money

q                      Spare credit cards

q                      Address/phone book

q                      Matches

q                      Plumbers’ candle

q                      Knife and/or Leatherman tool

q                      Cell phone

q                      _DIGITAL WATCH _

q                      _____________________

q                      _____________________

q                      _____________________

q                      _____________________

q                      _Bottle of FIREBALL__ (cinnamon WHISKEY for teacher or if stranded...)

q                      _____________________

q                      _____________________

q                   _____________________

[1] Radiator and engine compartment air passages will probably need to be open until we reach colder temperatures

[2] Scraps of short-pile carpet work well for this purpose.

[3] These should be installed, front and rear, before commencing TSD sections, or otherwise arranged for fast hook-up


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TIPS and TRICKS for a NEW NAVIGATOR:  Coming Spring 2011
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