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Delrin Resin Shift Knob

This stylish shift knob is manufactured from high quality Delrin resin. Delrin is a lightweight, wear-resistant plastic capable of operating in temperatures in excess of 90 degrees celsius (approx 200 degrees fahrenheit) That means no burning hot shift knobs in the summer! Insert the optional rubber o-rings for added grip while shifting.

Your Price: $65

Billet Aluminum Shift Knob

Available for all Subaru models 1995 and newer, manual or automatic. This features a ribbed design that feels so good you'll be looking for reasons to upshift! Insert the optional rubber o-rings for even more grip when shifting. Replace that boring stock shift knob today! Makes a great gift with the holidays just around the corner.

Your Price: $53

Air/Fuel Meter

This LED AFR 52mm unit is a simple and inexpensive way to monitor how rich (or lean) your ride is running before and after modifications such as downpipe and intake . Hook to your existing oxygen sensor or add the wide-band sensor for high resolution.

Oxygen Sensor ... $75


Primitive's Own Airbag Covers For Subaru IMPREZA, LEGECY and WRX

Okay! You've removed the airbags in your rally-racer. Now what do you do with the HOLE?

Neatly cover the vacancy and honk the horn too, with these Primitive Racing carbon fiber covers, made of  carbon fiber (pictured) to provide a strong non-glare structure. Also available in carbon-kevlar (yellow and black weave) or aluminized FRP (aluminum weave look) as a special order.  Even straight YELLOW kevlar weave is available too.  Fitments for early Impreza, 2.5RS and WRX and STi all available.

Driver's side
... $210

Item No 6004

Co-driver's side
... $110

Item No 6006

Both sides
... $295

Item No 6008

NOTE: These products are intended only for off-highway racing vehicles. Also, removing airbags is dangerous and should be left to professionals.



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