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Performance and Durability
For Street, Woods and Rally



Lips, Lips and more Lips! Primitive is overstocked with front lips for your Subaru!  We have Lip spoilers for Impreza's, WRX's and STi's!!! Currently Selling at Wholesale Price or Lower!!

Front Lip Spoiler
For 2004-05 WRX and STi

This unique fiberglass lip spoiler bolts on and accentuates the bumper with a bolder look, without going over the top.  Shown unpainted for contrast, the lip spoiler can help your 04-05 stand apart from the crowd.

Your Price: $175 ON SALE!! 

Regularly $175,  these are currently selling at below WHOLESALE COST  for only
$145  plus shipping.


Looking for REAR WINGS or SPOILERS?!  Be sure to check out our new WINGS and SPOILER Page HERE!

Mitsubishi EVO 6

Mitsubishi EVO 6 Fender Set (L+R)

LAST PAIR! Full set of replacement fenders. Made from quality fiberglass with white gel coat. Ready to paint and install.


Your Price: $400 (pair)
ON SALE NOW! $340 (pair)  LAST SET!

  1995 - 1999 (BD/BG) JDM Replica STi Legacy Front Bumper

Outfit your ride in JDM style! Our bumper is made in the USA and constructed of high quality fiberglass right here in Oregon. Available with fog light cutouts or a solid piece so you can add your own lights later, or better yet, pick up a set of of our PIAA fog lights HERE. Our bumper features a huge front opening with plenty of room to stuff that front mount intercooler for you turbo swap guys. Bumper comes in black primer ready to paint. Mounts to all factory bumper mounting locations

Your Price: $425 




1995 - 1999 (BD/BG) Legacy Grill V1

Tired of your Legacy looking just like your neighbors? Well take 10 min of your day and install our stylish JDM style front grill and stand out from the crowd. This grill features a mesh backing and comes with a white gel coat ready to be painted and installed!

Your Price: $130     OUT of STOCK



1995 - 1999 (BD/BG) Legacy Grill V2

So your buddy just picked up his JDM style Legacy grill and its cool but you don't want to copy him, not a problem! Pick up one of our V2 JDM Legacy front grills! Show off your own style. Installs in minutes using factory mounting locations. Comes in white gel coat ready to paint.

Your Price: $110     very few remaining


2000 - 2004 OEM Style Sedan Rear Spoiler

Tired of that wingless trunk but don't want to pay though the nose for a spoiler from the dealer. Try one of our fiberglass replica OEM spoilers! They mount using all the factory mounting locations for that clean installed look. Comes in a white gel coat ready to paint and install!

Your Price: $135     Now priced to move at  $99      IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP!

  22B-style HOOD VENTS

Fits 1999 - 2001 2.5RS and Outback Sport Hoods

Give your engine a cooling break.

You've got your head cooled off (see roof scoops below). Do the same for your engine compartment. Hood vents provide an escape for that hot air trapped under the hood.



Your Price: $85/pair        down to the blem sets only

  Subaru Impreza V5 JDM Rear Lip UnderSpoiler Kit

Doing a V5 conversion is all about the "details". Don't forget your authentic JDM V5 Rear Lip Spoilers to complete the look. Fits all 1993-01 Impreza's with slight modifications to fit the USDM rear bumpers. 

 Genuine JDM part in black urethane!




Your Price: $143/pair OUT-of PRODUCTION

  Subaru Impreza V5 Front End Conversion Kit

Perfect for converting a 1993-98 Impreza to the V5 (2.5RS look with the big foglamps) or converting any of the Canadian spec Impreza's to that look. 

Kit Includes:

V5/V6 USDM Urethane Front Bumper - $215

JDM Lightweight Bumper Hanger - $89

Clear Bumper Turn Lights - $85/pair

V5 replica Fog Light Covers - $60

Combo Price - $359

Just the bumper skin and JDM hanger $300

We also have STOCK FOG LAMPS and AFTERMARKET solutions

V5 Single Piece Front Lip Spoiler - $179 (pictured lower left) Only 1 left in stock

V5 Side Skirts - $200/pair (Fiberglass w/white gel coat, very easy to paint color match!)  Out of PRODUCTION


Tommi Makinen HoodUltra-lightweight!
Actual WRC Hood
For '02-'03 WRX

From Tommi Makinen's 2002 Monte Carlo test car.

A lightweight, ultra-engineered piece of rally history. This aluminum hood is WRC Blue with all the decals and glory from the 2002 Monte Carlo WRC event. It is in perfect shape,and goes with the WRC Bumper, above. 
One of a kind, obviously!

 Actual part purchased from Prodrive and shipped to the USA.
... $1995



Fiberglass (fighter style) bolt-on  BODYKIT
for 2002-2003 WRX Sedan

All fighter styles combos on sale. Kits include:

Front bumper lip, Rear Bumper Lip, Side Skirts ... $499  $455  Now $149 !!!! Closeout on last 3 sets!
Add a front grill for $50   $49  $19
Add the unique rear spoiler for $195 more   $150  $99 (with kit purchase)  (bolts into existing wing holes)

Can ship to anywhere in USA or Canada at very good shipping rates using Fed Ex Ground or FREIGHT Service. E-mail for more info and a custom package deal with the V7 or even STi rear wings
 ...Complete kit... now $

Item No.

Fighter (cWest replica) Parts



STi Style WRX Eyelines
For 2002 - 2003 WRX/Impreza's

Give your 02/03 "Bugeye" that stylish projector look or just add a little extra protection to your stock headlights. No drilling or modifications are  necessary for install, just clean your lights and stick on the eyelines and you're done. Eyelines come in white but are easy to paint if you want to color match them to your car's color.



Your Price: $45/pair   $25/pair  (mention sale price to receive discount)

Front Lip Spoiler
For 2004-05 WRX and STi

This unique fiberglass lip spoiler bolts on and accentuates the bumper with a bolder look, without going over the top.  Shown unpainted for contrast, the lip spoiler can help your 04-05 stand apart from the crowd.


Your Price: $175 ON SALE!! 

Regularly $175,  these are currently selling BELOW WHOLESALE COST  for only
$15  plus shipping.

  License Plate Frame Delete

Our stylish license plate deletes mount in place of the factory square one from the dealer. For use with a front plate or just run the delete by itself. We can also make custom deletes with your car clubs logo or pretty much anything you want.  Allow about a month to produce


Your Price: Custom Delete  $50/ea or $39/10 or more
Your Price: Subaru Delete - $39.99


  Items No

Get some extra air into your cockpit

Works in conjunction with the roof vent described below. Made for real rally cars, as a sunroof cannot be operated with this scoop installed (without modifications). Fully formed with great, smooth finish. Fits GC and GD body styles as well as a host of other vehicles from Legacys to Toyotas.

Wide mouth helps to feed air to your roof vent, but a small air escape in  the back of the scoop reduces noise and lift when roof vent is closed.
But if you're just after that snappy rally-car look, install the scoop by itself, without cutting a hole in the roof.

Rally Roof Scoop front-view

Rally Roof Scoop rear-view

Scoop, each... $129                  Item No 1078
Scoop-Vent Combo ... $180          Item No 1181
Aluminum Vent Only ... $89        Item No 1080

  Item No

 Rally Roof Scoop/Vent ComboVersatile vent has two modes of operation Rally Roof Vent






shown installed in our of our customers cars.  

This lightweight item attaches to the underside of your roof skin and allows fresh air to flow into the cockpit thru a 7" x 3' opening.  The lid fits tight and sits a little proud of the roofline to minimize water entry while raining and to prevent seepage when sitting in the elements.  Use with ROOF SCOOP (described above) for full effect. Opens forward and backward to stuff air into the cockpit (pressurizing cabin and reducing dust entry) or draw air out for a more gentle airflow on transits.  Requires medium skill to install and the willingness to cut a hole in your roof.


Vent Only ... $89                       Item No 1080