WRX & STi Front Skidplate Install Instructions


Equipment and Tool List:

#1 - Primitive Racing Front Skidplate & Hardware (5 bolts & 5 Washers)

        Bolts = 8x1.25 thread pitch.

#2 - 13mm Socket or Wrench, Small Phillips,Med Flathead Screwdriver and Pliers

#3 - A friend. Not needed, but it sure helps.

Step 1 Remove packaging and any protective coating from skidplate, make sure you have the correct hardware

Step 2 Raise the front of the car and place securely on jack stands. Never work under a vehicle supported only with a jack.. Remove existing black plastic under tray using a screwdriver and pliers.
Step 3 (This is where that "friend" will come in handy) Hold skidplate under engine, the foam pads face upwards, note orientation of 3" hole for drain plug (if equipped)
Step 4 Start the 2 rear bolts, then the 3 front bolts. Don't forget to use the washers supplied with your skidplate. They go between the bolt head and skidplate. Tighten firmly using a 13mm wrench or socket. DO NOT TORQUE PAST       20-24 FT LBS! These do not need to be super-tight. You can also use a bit of BLUE Loc-Tite if you wish.
Step 5 Lower car and take her for a spin on the nearest gravel road and enjoy!