Mini Rear Skidplate Install Instructions


Thank you for purchasing your Primitive Racing 1/8" Rear Mini Skidplate.

These instructions will help you properly install your new skidplate so you may enjoy many years of trouble free enjoyment thrashing about on gravel roads, plowing though snow or any other off-road adventure you desire!

This piece used the existing bolts at the front of the differential carrier and 2 of the differential rear cover bolts. It is very easy and takes only a few minutes to install.

Tools needed: 12mm socket or wrench, 14mm socket or wrench and a 15mm socket or wrench.

Step 1

Remove any protective coating (if present) from your new skidplate.

Step 2 Position skidplate under rear differential to orientate which 4 bolts will be used to install your new skidplate. The tapered end faces forward with sides curving upwards.
Step 3 Use 14mm socket or wrench to remove the two front mounting bolts located towards the front of the differential housing. A 15mm socket or wrench will be needed to adjust and tighten the tabs already on the skidplate.
Step 4 Use a 12mm (14mm on STi) socket or wrench to remove the lower 2 bolts from the differential cover. No Fluid should seep from the cover during this operation. Position the rear edge of the skidplate against the rear of the differential and put bolts back thru skidplate into the cover and tighten. (If the small nuts along the rear of the skidplate interfere with your socket, remove the outer 2 nuts with a 10mm wrench and an allen wrench. Replace after skidplate is installed and the 12mm bolts are tight.)
Step 5 Tighten the front bolts and you are finished. Your new rear skidplate is strong enough to use as a jack point by placing a piece of wood on your jack and placing it directly under the rear edge of the skidplate.