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City Year Day


North Willow Glen worked with Our City Forest to plant 38 trees on this day, for residents throughout the North WIllow Glen and Gardner neighborhoods.
The planting day directly followed "City Year Day" for the Greater Gardner Neighborhood Action Committee on May 12, when service youth from
City Year helped haul away 300 square feet of concrete from residents' parking strips, opening the way to plant street trees.
Our City Forest supplies the street trees for free, and assists with tree selection, siting and planting.

OCF brought with them many volunteers from the wider community to assist with the planting. The neighborhoods in particular thank
students from Kennedy Middle School in Cupertino: many Kennedy students helped with the plantings as part of their hands-on study
about the environment.


Christian Bonner (in hat and sunglasses) of Our City Forest conducts a tree-planting tutorial on Delmas Avenue
in North WIllow Glen. Residents and community volunteers watched the tutorial, then split into teams
to plant trees throughout the neighborhoods. Trained OCF volunteers ("Tree Amigos") oversee each planting.

Kennedy Middle School students loosen up the roots on a
Western Redbud tree on Willis Avenue, prior to planting.

Under the watchful eye of a Tree Amigo, Gardner resident Diana Tucker, on Jerome Street,
assists with her tree planting. This is one of four trees that were planted on her corner lot.

North Willow Glen volunteers Debbie Palmer (left) and Sandy De Mars
fill out the line of ash street trees along Fuller Avenue Park west of Delmas Avenue.

Another London plane tree (sycamore) takes root on Hull Avenue.

Tree Amigo Paul Robinson completes a practical lesson in enviromental improvement.
These four sweet bay trees will shade Spencer Avenue at VIrginia Street.

Proud Kennedy Middle School volunteers with their hands-on
environmental project - a new sweet bay tree on Jerome Street.

Miguel Garcia and his young daughter pose with their new tree on Jerome Street in the Gardner neighborhood.
The concrete in his park strip was removed by City Year volunteers, working with SJ Neighborhood Services
and the SJ Conservation Corps.

Toby Fredrickson and his neighbor celebrate the planting of a trident maple
on Fisk Avenue in North Willow Glen. Toby took advantage of a special offer to have
concrete removed from his park strip at a subsidized rate.