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Why We Encourage
People to Plant Street Trees
by Ken Eklund
May 2006


Get your own
street tree!
It's dead easy

North WIllow Glen:
Volunteer spotlight
in OCF Newsletter

trees rarely break
sewer pipes (pdf)

38 street trees
planted in May 2006...

...and 300 square feet of concrete removed!

31 street trees
planted in October 2005

20 street trees
planted in April 2004

20 street trees
planted in October

Heritage Tree in
North Willow Glen!

Spring '06 Tree Planting was
Saturday, May 13, 2006

We get free trees (and tree selection and planting assistance) through Our City Forest. To sign up for a future planting, email us your name and address.

Some people like the feeling you get when, after a long day's work in some airless cubicle mausoleum, you turn onto your street and look! It's all shady and green. It's Pleasantville!

Other people like what a tree-lined street does to their property values (hint: they go up). Others enjoy the free air conditioning in the summer.

Some people don't like street trees because trees (a) drop leaves (b) lift sidewalks (c) drop the occasional branch (d) demand the occasional bit of care. That's the sort of diverse viewpoint that makes our neighborhood great!

On February 5, 2003, the San Jose City Council reaffirmed the value of street trees to the neighborhoods and the city. Alarmed by the decline in our city forest, they amended the street tree ordinance. As of July 1, the City will require residents to have a street tree in their park strip. (In that great way the City has, however, they assure residents there will be little enforcement.) North Willow Glen residents can call the city arborist with questions: 277-2762.

Got a few minutes? Go walk down Snyder or Warren Avenues. What makes the homes on these streets so special? The street trees!

So maybe you want to put a beautiful, verdant street tree in front of your home. Good for you. How do you go about it? Check out this page!


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