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Traffic Calming Features
Coming In September to NWG
by Ken Eklund, traffic guy
December 2003

In February 2003 the communityapproved (with amendments) the final designs for permanent traffic calming features to replace the temporary ones on Delmas Avenue and on Hull. Those features are now in place.

Here's what happened in 2003:

On Delmas at Coe, the temporary island is now permanent, with india hawthorn ground cover planted in the island (it isn't big enough for a tree). An all-way stop was installed in December 2002.

On Hull at Bird, the temporary island is now permanent, with india hawthorn ground cover planting in the island (it isn't big enough for a tree). The crosswalk across Hull will also be textured.

At Delmas and Willow, the roadside outside of Sangria Restaurant "bulbs out" to make Delmas' intersection with Willow more of a 90-degree angle. The bulb-out is planted with ground cover and two white crepe myrtle trees. A sidewalk runs across the bulb-out to a wheelchair- and stroller-friendly crosswalk over Delmas. Shrub plantings are lily-of-the-nile ) and india hawthorn.

At Delmas and Willow, the narrow center island is now permanent, and the island is planted with the lily-of-the-nile ground cover like the bulb-out.

On the east side of Delmas just north of Willow, the choker is now permanent, and planted with a white crepe myrtle as an accent tree and india hawthorn ground cover.

Still to be done:

The neighborhood may add an ornamental fence feature to the bulb-out, choker, and islands, maybe with ball-top posts like the ones at Hummingbird Park and along Fuller Avenue. There may be a sign saying something like "Slow - Watch for Children."

The crosswalk across Delmas will be emphasized with texture, in a manner resembling a brick walk. (Actually they stamp a brick pattern into brick-colored asphalt). On Hull at Bird, the crosswalk across Hull will also be textured. The speed humps on Hull are scheduled to have their stripes repainted.

Notes and reminders:

The india hawthorn and lily-of-the-nile weren't our favorite plantings, but they are durable. This is important, because the features have no watering system. Neighbors near the plantings: give 'em a little water now and then!

We're coordinating the design of permanent features with the Gardner neighborhood. They have some similar streetscape improvements in their plans, so ours will serve as a kind of test case.

Willow Street badly needs a marked crosswalk. This will not be situated close to Delmas Avenue, but somewhere to the west, to better serve the bus stop and the Walgreen's strip mall. This is a future project.

Thanks to all the neighbors who have pitched in and spoken up about traffic calming issues. We're hoping the permanent features will help keep traffic safe on our streets.



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