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Be Alert
Gangs are an enduring presence
by Yuben Warndt
March 2005

Tensions in the gang communities around North Willow Glen have increased. Police caution residents to be alert to signs of activity and to call police if you see anything that doesn't look right. The police are actively engaged in "prevention and suppression" and a key component of that is quick response by citizens to any sign of gang activity.

Police ask that people:

<> call 911 if you are at all made afraid by something.

<> call 911, not 311, if something is going on, such as a carload of teens cruising, especially if they are belligerent or taunting others.

<> paint out graffiti immediately, but try to take a picture first and send to the police Metro Unit.

<> watch out for thefts from, or thefts of, unattended cars. Never leave your car unlocked and running, not even "just for a minute."

The police are clear that people should _not_ be afraid or stay off the streets. Gangs aim to intimidate people, and hope that people will surrender the streets to them.

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