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Alma Bowl high-rises:
Design Options Revealed
by R.U. Kitten-Mei
June 2004

The community favored this design option for
the high-rise development at Alma Bowl:

The design breaks up the building mass somewhat, and has elements derived from the Sacred Heart Church and the San Jose Museum of Art. Note: this view is of only one of the project's two towers, and it is a view of the front of the building. Since the project's two towers are proposed to face each other, the public would never see this view. They would generally see the back of each tower instead.


This tower design was less favored:

Although it has a vintage feel, the community seemed opposed to the squareness and greater apparent height and bulk.

There was a third, more modern option (lots of glass and steel), but it seemed mainly designed so as to make the community feel happier with Options A and B.


The Townhomes.

The architect said that the townhomes and towers cannot really share a style, due to their extreme differences in scale. The question then becomes, should the townhomes be a mix of styles, echoing the community, or focus on one style found elsewhere in the community? The attendees were divided on this question. The above graphic shows an eclectic mix of styles echoing the neighborhood.


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