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by Octopus Webb
June 2006

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Palm Haven Founders Day, 2002
Hummingbird Park opens, 2003
SNI Dumpster Day, 2003
April Fool's Day, 2003
Neighborhood-Wide Garage Sale 2003
Gardner Community Center: rehab 2003
Fourth of July Party 2003
Palm Haven House Tour, 2003
CFSV's BRICC Award, 2003
Street Tree Planting 2003
Neighborhood-Wide Garage Sale 2004
Street Tree Planting 2004
Fuller Avenue Bridge, 2004
Gardner Paint-A-Thon 2004
Fourth of July Party 2004
Our City Forest Award 2004
Daffodil Planting 2004
Nutcracker Kids! 2004
Fourth of July Party 2005
Neighborhood Improvement Award 2005
Street Tree Planting 2005
Christmas Tree Lane
Spencer Avenue Street Repair 2006
Neighborhood-Wide Garage Sale 2006
Fuller Park Grand Opening, 2006
City Year Day 2006
Spring Street Tree Planting 2006

Brief History of North Willow Glen
Guide to Vintage Home Styles
Hummingbird Park
North Willow Glen in the Press

Neighborhood Issues
Conservation Zone
Flood Zone Resurvey: Summary, In-Depth Analysis, Update
Gardner Academy Support: HABLEMOS!
Infill Alerts: Area Alerts, Alma Bowl/Tamien Station protest archive
Pets lost and found
Police Bulletins
Street Trees: Why They're Great, Heritage Tree
Strong Neighborhoods Initiative: Action Items, Boundary
Strong Neighborhoods Initiative: Exterior Grants Program
Traffic Calming: Latest Report, Features, Photo-Radar
Trails: Los Gatos Creek Trail - Bridge at Fuller

Hummingbird Issues are not yet available online

Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome to our Neighborhood!

Fuller Fence Holiday Garland, 2002
Planting the Hummingbird Park Color Spot, 2003
Garage Sale Day, 2003
The July 4 Neighborhood Block Party on Delmas, 2003
Atlanta Avenue Gateway Fences, Sept-Oct 2003
Our Volunteer-Driven Projects

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