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Prairie Dog Infestation
Reaches North Willow Glen
by Fu Ledyu
April 1, 2003

UPDATE: April 1.
Prairie dogs, which have ruined several yards in Palm Haven, are now firmly established in North Willow Glen. "They're terribly partial to iris bulbs," a city wildlife official admitted. "They pop 'em like candy."

a prairie dog family makes
a mess of a lawn on west
Fuller Avenue.

Prairie dog populations have exploded in San Jose. The picture above was taken at the Meridian Avenue onramp onto I-280 in late March. The City of San Jose, pleading budget shortfalls, has been slow to take action. Meanwhile, the first rodent burrows have been sighted in North Willow Glen.

The NWGNA announced the formation of an emergency task force to investigate options for dealing with prairie dogs. To get on the action list, send us email.

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