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What We're Conserving
by the Association
March 2004

Now available
from the city:
"Your Old House,"
a guide to
preserving the
vintage charm and
value of your
vintage home.

March 2004:
North Willow Glen
aids conservation planning
in Palm Haven neighborhood

February 2004:
National Trust for Historic Preservation
recommends action in San Jose's
historic neighborhoods

Drive down any street in North Willow Glen (or, better yet, walk) and you can see that it conforms to an aesthetic - a design for living. It was built with scales, styles and proportions that make it a pleasant place for residents and their guests. Efforts toward conserving our neighborhood's charm and uniqueness are one of the Association's goals. We're researching how to do this - we'll keep the neighborhood informed as we go along.

For a guide to historic home styles found in North Willow Glen, go here.

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