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NWGNA Meeting, 11/03
"Gardner Fire"
by Dana Rysavy, Secretary Primo
November 2003

North Willow Glen Neighborhood Association
Word of Faith Church
November 25, 2003
7 – 9 pm

Call to Order: 7:05 pm, Harvey Darnell, Vice President.

1. Introductions and Welcome to Fuller residents Leslie and Jim. They were thanked for supplying power for the holiday lights in the lot on the corner of Fuller and Bird.

2. Gardner Fire

  • a. Annette Boyer. provided great support in the aftermath of the fire. Kathryn Billington was very appreciative of the copying activities and asked that we publicly thank Annette – Thank you Annette.
  • b. During the week of December 1st, volunteers are needed to help with clean up activities. Additional volunteers are requested for moving items – they really need trucks.
  • c. There was a motion for the association to support rebuilding as the local school in the area by Gary Jansen. Second by Ken Eklund. Passed unanimously

3. Police Department Update – Officers Ted Vasquez & Mike Crescini

  • a. Gardner fire investigation taking place.
  • b. Gang enforcement active in multiple ways including plain-clothes officers.
  • c. Traffic calming using radar on Bird and Virginia & Lincoln and Coe
  • d. Concern about homeless people congregated around the bridges – requested assistance relocating these people.
  • e. Concerns expressed about parking across the sidewalks. We can call in the complaint. The officers suggested the association look for alternative methods to address this issue.

4. Funding Update

  • a. Fuller Park Update
    • i. Located on Fuller Avenue between Bird to Delmas then along to Prevost. The land is adjacent to the Railroad. Partial funding was made available. This will cover official design and administrative fees. The remaining funding will be available the following year.
    • ii. Design includes the white fence was approved, thinning the pine trees, replanting new trees. The plans have been presented at previous meetings and will be reviewed at the January meeting.
  • b. Remaining funding from PAC
    • i. The funding was approved for the design of streetscape improvements along Delmas and Virginia
    • ii. Funding was approved for façade improvements on Starbrite and Ralph’s. Several other area businesses have expressed interest.
    • iii. Another representative from District 6 is requested to participate in the PAC. If anyone is interested, follow up with Ed Rast, Harvey Darnell, or Kevin Christman.

5. New Business

  • a. Outreach
    • i. Mike asked for volunteers to help pass out fliers prior to meetings.
    • ii. The block captain concept was introduced and discussed. The desire is to improve connectivity and social engagement on a broader basis.
  • b. Land Use - Early notification policy memo was drafted and shared with the business community.
  • c. Christmas Tree Project – Karen Kreshel
    • A flier was distributed offering Christmas trees. The check needs to be delivered by Friday. Trees would be delivered Dec 6th. For those interested, contact Annette at 408.993.8145. The trees cost $15 and the rebar cost $1.50.
  • d. Bridge painting
    • The bridge on Delmas was cleaned and painted. Volunteers included: Dan Erceg, Kevin Christman, Ken Eklund, Debbie Palmer, Dana Rysavy, Ray Mendez, Bud Beede, Sam and Roman. The Prevost bridge painting will be scheduled in January.
  • e. Fence decorating
    The holiday decorations used on Fuller Avenue will be expanded to Hummingbird and the Atlanta fence. The association will fund the purchase of the decorations. The decorations will be put up on Sunday, November 31st. Meeting place is Fuller Avenue Park if you are interested in participating. 9:30 start time.

6. Next meeting – January 2004 (no December meeting)

2003- 2004 board:
President Tom Smith
Vice President Harvey Darnell
Secretary/ Treasurer Dana Rysavy (primo) and Ken Eklund (segundo)
Past President Alison England
Director 1 Debbie Palmer
Director 2 Dan Erceg
Director 3 Mike Gaines

Meeting Adjourned: 8:45 pm. Next meeting is Tuesday, January 27, 2003. Happy Holidays, everyone!

That's all, folks!

Copyright 2003