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NWGNA Meeting, 10/03
Hooray for Atlanta Gateway Fence!
by Dana Rysavy
February 2003

North Willow Glen Neighborhood Association
Word of Faith Church
October 28, 2003
7 – 9 pm

Call to Order: 7:15 pm by Tom Smith, President

Pizza was generously donated by:

Sarpino's Pizzeria
1111 Meridian Ave, San Jose, CA 95125
Phone: (408) 264-7277

  1. Introductions and Welcome —
  2. Bill Lamsan, a Snyder Avenue resident for 35 years

    Lori Cross and Jorge De Leon, new Fuller Avenue residents

    Donal (sorry, I didn’t capture the name correctly) a resident living on Coe for about one year

    Mark Bracewell from Atlanta, a 12-year resident

  3. Police Department Update — Officer Cynthia Cooke
  4. There was a random shooting in Biebrach Park about 2 weeks ago. The police are seeing a slight increase in gang related activity.

    If anyone sees unusual activities, call the police department and report the incident.

  5. Recent Neighborhood Activities
    1. 2003 BRICC Award for emerging neighborhood Association
      1. Ken Eklund wrote the application and NWGNA was awarded $1000 — Congratulations and thanks Ken!
    2. Bird and Atlanta signature fence installation and landscape
      1. Broad neighborhood participation over three weekends to complete the project. From Atlanta: Marc Bauman, Sandy De Mars, Kim Karcher, Leigh Parsons, Russ, Jan. From Fuller: Dan & Cindy Erceg, Ken Eklund, Debbie Palmer, Alison England. From Spencer: Ed Rast. From Snyder: Dana Rysavy, Mike Gaines. From Gardner: Kevin Christman, Ray Mendez.
      2. Thank you everyone.
    3. 21 Street trees planted in front of resident’s homes
      1. Pilot project to see how this works. We will move forward with another planting. The next phase will include area’s with concrete.
  6. New Business
    1. Six committees -Tom
      1. The board met and discussed how to move association activities forward over the next year. The intent of the committees is to create additional opportunities for community involvement and prevent burnout. The six suggested committees are:
        1. Land use
        2. Outreach / Membership
        3. Grant writing / Fundraising
        4. Communications
        5. Physical Improvements
        6. Social Events
      2. Volunteers were solicited resulting in the following:
        1. Land use - Eric Gaedke
        2. Physical Improvements — Marc Bauman
        3. Outreach — Terri Johnson
        4. Grant Writing — Debbie Palmer
        5. Communications - Ken Eklund — lead, Mark Bracewell
        6. Social Events — Kevin Christman and Isaias Job
    2. Projects Planned for 2004 -Dan
      1. Project list was distributed for review. The list is on the web site
      2. Saturday November 1st (Delmas) and Saturday November 8 (Prevost), volunteers are needed to help paint the bridge. 4-6 people required for traffic control, scrapers, helping to move ladders. Start 9:30. Meet at Delmas in front of church (Nov. 1); at Prevost Bridge (Nov. 8).
      3. Litter modules didn't arrive in the best of shape. We’d like to paint the modules to spruce them up. Judi McComak volunteered to head this effort.
    3. Land use -Harvey
      1. Due to recent land use decisions, primarily Tamien Station, we’d like to create a general land use plan for our area.
      2. As a result of the Tamien Station feedback, the PAC has proposed an updated to the city’s public outreach policy for pending land use and development. Harvey will provide a summary of feedback to provide to
    4. Communications - Ken
      1. The newsletter is being kicked off. The name of the news letter is ‘The Hummingbird"
    5. City Council Member Ken Yeager
      1. Ken was very complimentary on NWGNA’s professional and organized approach the concerning the Tamien project.
      2. There are many other activities affecting the neighborhood in the coming months: Elks, trails. Ken encouraged us to stay involved.
      3. Encouraged us to apply for City G grants/funds. The information is available on the city web site.
      4. Ken congratulated us on the BRICC Award
      5. Bramhall Park (on Willow Street near Meridian) will have a dog park incorporated in the springtime. The area is approximately 1 acre.

7. Old Business

2003- 2004 board:

President Tom Smith

Vice President Harvey Darnell

Secretary/ Treasurer Ken Eklund and Dana Rysavy

Past President Alison England

Director 1 Debbie Palmer

Director 2 Dan Erceg

Director 3 Mike Gaines


The meeting adjourned around 9:30 pm.

That's all, folks!

Copyright 2003