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NWGNA Meeting, 10/01
Street Captains and CAP Grants
by the Secretary
October, 2001

North Willow Glen Neighborhood Association
Word of Faith Church
October 23, 2001
7 – 9 pm

Police Report
Lieutenant Walt Tibbet and Sergeant Mike of the San Jose Police Department spoke to the group regarding Traffic Enforcement and flagrant parking violations.

Board Members and Activists
Alison introduced the new Board members and street captains and Other Lead Persons--President: Alison England, Vice President: Dan Erceg, Secretary-Treasurer: Harvey Darnell, Community Liaison: Dana Rysavy, City Liaison: Tom Smith, Members at Large: Debbie Palmer and Carol Stanford. Street Captains: Leigh Parsons- Atlanta (Bird-Delmas), Barbara Norman- Fuller (Central), Dan Erceg Fuller (Central-Bird), John Mendez- East Fuller, Jesse Ramos- East Fuller, Renee Erez- West Coe, Dana Rysavy- Snyder, Gary Jansen- Spencer, Harvey Darnell- Hull.

Homeowner Improvement Programs Advocates: Lori Sobrero, Harvey Darnell; Traffic Calming Wizard: Ken Eklund, Dumpster Days Coordinator: Tom Smith.

Andy Hill volunteered to be Delmas Block Captain(Atlanta to Willow), Marc Bauman volunteered to be Delmas Block Captain (Atlanta to Hull).

CAP Grants
Debbie Palmer and Art Nino, SNI Coordinator spoke about CAP grants and the group discussed possible CAP grant projects. The group agreed to add any proposals to the grant Debbie was writing if a community member who would take responsibility to lead implementation of the project.

The following were the ideas discussed which had a community member willing to lead the implementation:
Bird Av. Median irrigation and planting- Dan Erceg
Bird Warren Willow Triangle beautification/rehabilitation- Dana Rysavy
Neighborhood Aggregate Trash Receptacles- Dan Erceg
Hummingbird Park Plantings, Fence, Irrigation, Tables and Benches- Renee Erez
Association Newsletter- Debbie Palmer
Neighborhood Dumpster Days- Laurie Sobrero
Bird Av /Atlanta Strip Lot Improvements- Dan Erceg

Dana Rysavy announced the Association now has email at

Dan announced a neighborhood cleanup day for Hummingbird Park on Saturday, November 3 at 9:30 AM

The meeting adjourned around 8:45.

That's all, folks!

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