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NWGNA Meeting, 6/05
"Mass Transit "

by Dana Rysavy, Secretary-Treasurer
June 2005

North Willow Glen Neighborhood Association
Word of Faith Church
June 28, 2005
7 – 8 pm



1. Call to Order- Ken Eklund, NWGNA president, 7:15 pm

2. Police Report–Officer Bruce Unger

What's going on in the neighborhood? Officer's report and citizen input

  1. Gang Violence – we experienced a decrease over the last 6 months but they are noticing a slight increase. The police have increase vehicle and foot patrol – especially in the parks.
  2. 4 th of July – Fireworks are illegal in San Jose. Having more specific information when reporting illegal fireworks, the police are better prepared to respond.
  3. Call the police if you hear gun fire, loud firework explosions – even if you don’t know the exact location.
  4. Homeless issue: it’s not against the law to be homeless – all they can do is encourage people to move along.

3. New. Eilene Willow Glen Resident ; Eugene Bradley, our speaker on transit; Delong Vass – with Eugene; Ryan Hoover – Bay Rail alliance

4. 4 th of July

Everything is on track and running smoothly

  1. Thanks to the following folks for flyer distribution
    Chris Wagner, Art, Liz, & Angel Villa, Alan Hall, Gary Jansen, Mary Hall, Heidi LeVell, Dan and Cindy Erceg, Jim Moore, Chuck and Stephanie Hudson, Judi McComak (Double thanks – rallying up volunteers), Annette Boyer (Coffee), Ken and Debbie, Tom
  2. We’ll also have live music at the event.
  3. Event is listed at
  4. Volunteers still needed on the day of the event – follow up with Jim
  5. or call Jim for info 297-0685
5. Santa Clara VTA Riders Union – Eugene Bradley
  1. Volunteer, non-partisan organization
  2. Michael Burns will be new VTA new General Manager.
  3. VTA Board Member from Willow Glen - Ken Yeager is the Alternative
  4. With the growth of Willow Glen, public transit will be more important in our community.
  5. $5.00 daily day pass – no insurance, no parking issues, environmental benefits.
  6. San Jose Bart extension is in limbo right now. This group is neutral on the topic.
  7. VTP2030 – long term transportation plan for the area.

6. Newsletter – Thank you Heidi LeVell and Judi McComak

7. Trees in the hood

  1. 8 people signed up for fall planting
  2. Trees will be planted in October

8. Illegal tree removal

  1. Two mature trees were removed on Spencer without permits.
  2. If a tree reaches a certain size, a permit is required for removal. Even if it’s in your back yard.

9. Neighborhood concerns

Traffic on Atlanta- Very speedy. General discussion on how to manage this on a neighborhood basis versus street basis. It was decided to manage it on a street basis.

10. Future Guests Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley July

Meting Adjourned at 8:25 pm


Volunteer to help out with the Fourth of July Block Party... see info above.

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