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NWGNA Meeting, 6/02
Fuller Park Prelim Plan
by Tom Smith
June 2002

North Willow Glen Neighborhood Association
Word of Faith Church
June 25, 2002
7 – 9 pm

The Yellow Cab Site
The City Planning Department has approved 16 Single Family Attached houses on the Yellow Cab site. The Yellow Cab site will be demolished in the fall with groundbreaking for the new houses next Spring. The existing stores haven't wanted to sell as yet and state they want to improve the site.

Police Report
Officer Reyes of SJPD talked about increased police presence due to Horseshoe-VHS, the gang in Bierbach Park vs. the West Side Mob, which is mostly east of Highway 87.

Traffic Calming Progress
Alison introduced Ken to talk about the Traffic Calming meeting last week. Overall speeds have diminished on Delmas and Hull. The median island at Willow and Delmas will be made permanent with a textured crosswalk and with slight changes. The bumpout just north of there will be wider and shorter with a tree planted and landscaping. Permanent medians with plantings with a 3 way stop sign and with a textured crosswalk will be installed at Delmas and Coe. The Bird and Hull median island will be made permanent with a textured crosswalk. There will be possibly another Median Island in middle of the Hull block between Bird and Delmas when a neighborhood consensus is reached. Final plans will be submitted to the NWGNA traffic Calming Committee.

Fuller Plaza
Alison talked about the preliminary plan drawn up by the open space committee members. It will include landscaping with some of the existing trees, with a meandering decomposed granite path, a permanent horseshoe pit, and lawn areas at both ends with a wildflower meadow in between. We may replace some of the existing trees with other tree species as the trees are getting older and brittle and need more biodiversity.

Rene brought up making part of the space dog friendly and it was felt that the meadow area would work for that.

A water fountain and benches, back less to prevent tagging, will be in the center of the site. Heritage Lighting will be requested for the site.

We want a fence along the railroad tracks and need to work with JPB as none of the rest of the plan can go forward without the fence along the tracks.

There should be similar treatment at the West End open space at Fuller and Bird. The Fuller fence would be rebuilt in the current style and added to East Fuller Plaza. Ultimately there is a request to have parking on both sides of Fuller with the curbs and gutters moved to widen Fuller east of Delmas.

The meeting adjourned around 8:30 pm.

That's all, folks!

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