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NWGNA Meeting, 5/05
" Neighborhood Action "

by Dana Rysavy, Secretary-Treasurer
May 2005

North Willow Glen Neighborhood Association
Word of Faith Church
May24, 2005
7 – 8 pm



1. Call to Order- Ken Eklund, NWGNA president, 7:05 pm

2. Police Report – Officers Lazorski & Unger

What's going on in the neighborhood? Officer's report and citizen input

  • Business burglary on Willow & Settle by Qwik Stop -
  • To be better prepared to prevent home burglaries – use alarm system, lock doors and windows
  • Several residents asked about excessive noise – if your peace is disturbed, you can call 311 non-emergency

3. Neighborhood Action – Sharon Yamzon email:

  • A program offered by the City of San Jose by a trained coalition of SJ Police Department members. It teaches residents a step by step approach to effectively plan to reclaim their neighborhoods.
  • For organization to be involved, at least 3 residential households to be directly affected by nuisance household
  • After 1 st meeting, the neighbors maintain a log. Past occurrences can also be entered into log. Existing logs can be entered as well.
  • Log’s are maintained for two weeks then send the logs to Neighborhood action. A complaint letter is sent to the nuisance household
  • A meeting is held with property owner and neighborhood action. Most residents are looking for an eviction
  • If the property owners don’t respond to the complaint, the option exists to follow through in small claims court – Neighborhood Action will also assist here as well
  • If you’re interested in using this service, coordinate with two other households and call Neighborhood Action at 277-4133.

4 Neighborhood Improvement Day

  • Completed the white signature fence at Willow and Delmas. It was a great time to meet neighbors. 12 Volunteers over 4 work days
  • Thanks to our volunteers:

Eric Gaedke, Marc Bauman and Bob Stefani from Delmas; Dan Erceg, Martin Escamilla, Debbie Palmer, Ken Eklund, and Jim Stanchfield from Fuller, Judi McComak and Al from Marshall, Chuck and Stephanie Hudson from Spencer, and Jason who wants to live in North Willow Glen but doesn't yet.

  • Thanks to Tlaquepaque for supporting the project and supplying burritos.
  • Special gift (electric sander) presented to Martin for his help.
  • Neighborhood improvement day for May is canceled due to Memorial Day.

5. Fourth of July Block Party

  • 3 rd block party – Delmas blocked off. Free ice cream, kid’s games
  • Volunteers are needed earlier in the day – help with decorations, setting up children’s games,
  • Volunteers needed June 18 th to flier neighborhood
  • Event is listed at
  • or call Jim for info 297-0685

6. Quick Update:

Medallions on Delmas & Prevost bridge was refreshed – looks beautiful

7. Future Guests

  • Transit Riders union in June
  • Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley July

Meeting Adjourned at 8:15 pm


Volunteer to help out with the Fourth of July Block Party... see info above.

Connect with neighbors – join the NWGNA e-group at

And visit our website for updates:


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